Saddle Fitting



Townfields Saddlers

Offer a Bates and Wintec Saddle Fitting Service

Bates and Wintec saddles in a variety of styles are in stock in our showroom.

All Bates and Wintec accessories too.

Please come and have a look !!

Appointments can be arranged to suit either on our premises here in Coventry or our saddle fitter can visit your yard at a convenient time.


Please note that for Wintec saddle fittings where a visit is necessary there will be a £60.00 call out charge or £25.00 charge if fitted on our premises, this is an additional fee on the price of the saddle.

For Bates saddles the charges can be redeemable if a saddle is purchased at that time.

Townfields Saddlers has been established for 50 years providing high quality  saddles and leatherwork. Our showroom in Coventry is just minutes from the A45, in the central most part of England. Over the years we have built up a reputation for selling high quality goods, with a personal service that comes from being a family business.

As horse sport has become more technical, the equipment used has had to advance with it. We pride ourselves on being able to provide saddlery and tack for most riders at an affordable price. With today's customers often having busy work schedules, we provide a saddle fitting service to make it more convenient for riders and horses.