Airowear Outlyne Men's Body Protector

Airowear Body Protection Airowear Outlyne Men's Body Protector
Airowear Body Protection Airowear Outlyne Men's Body ProtectorAirowear Body Protection Airowear Outlyne Men's Body Protector

Product Description

Airowear Outlyne Men's Body Protector recognising that men's body shapes are different to women's body shapes, Outlyne has been produced to fit the male physique. Airowear's UltraFlex technology makes Outlyne body protector for Men soft, flexible and malleable so it can mould to the shape of the body. Outlyne uses thin layers of impact absorbing materials to absorb energy from a fall or kick and can therefore lessen the seriousness of injury. Incorporating UltraFlex technology, Outlyne for Men improves comfort and flexibility for the rider by without compromising on protection or comfort. When combined with body heat, Outlyne for Men becomes softer as it reacts to changes in temperature.  Airowear perforate their materials as much as possible without losing any impact absorption. This further improves the flexibility of the body protector whilst providing airflow and ventilation to the rider.

Safety Standard:  Outlyne for Men offers the maximum level of protection by fully meeting EN13158:2009 and BETA 2009 Standard Level 3

How To....

Airowear Body Protectors


Follow this guide for 6 simple steps to a perfect fitting body protector...

1. A body protector should be fitted over light clothing and heavier garments worn over the top.

2. Take your chest, waist, over shoulder (waist-to-waist) and back length measurements in cm, then find your size using the charts within your chosen style.

3. Once you think you have the correct size body protector, and before trying on, loosen the chest and waist fastenings and flex the garment to soften the foam.

4. Fasten at the chest and waist, ensuring that the contrast-coloured control markers are covered and there is enough room for adjustment.

5. Once the body protector fits securely around the chest and waist, choose the length appropriate to your height.  The shoulders and neckline should lie flat against the body. If this cannot be achieved, you may need a shorter length.

6. Check the back length by sitting on a saddle and simulating all riding positions.  There should be approximately a hand's width between the saddle and the base of the garment. At the front, the body protector should reach your breastbone and cover your bottom rib at mid-chest by 25mm. 

It is important not only to take measurements, but to try on the garments appropriate for your type of figure, as measurements alone will not give you the full picture.

Airowear Outlyne Men's Body Protector

Colour: Black/Graphite

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