Helmet Fitting

Helmet Fit and Care Tips:

Always buy a new helmet snug.

Always change your helmet after a fall on the head.

The safest helmet is the one that fits your head.

Try different models even in the same brand as they do vary in shape & fit.

A helmet with multiple standards has been tested for more types of accident.

The safest helmet is not the most expensive.

Don't lend your helmet as it may become loose.

Use helmet cleaning products to keep your helmet clean.

Heat will melt your helmet. Store it out of direct sunlight and don't wash it in a dishwasher.

Putting your hair inside affects the fit of your helmet.

You need two helmets if you wear your hair up as well as out.

Put your hair tie low down on your head and not inside the styrofoam.

It pays to find a shop with experienced trained staff to have your helmet fitted.

Don't use a bicycle helmet as the area of protection is much less than for an equestrian helmet.