NEW additions to the Schockemohle bridle range!

New additions to our Schockemohle Bridlework range!!

Bridles designed with your horses comfort in mind, with anatomically shaped nosebands and headpieces to relieve the pressure points, allowing free movement for your horse ! Enhancing the popular Schockemohle Stanford bridle here are two new additions for 2018. The Stanford has been so popular with many riders requesting just a plain caveson noseband, well the Slimford is the answer for those horses not requiring a flash strap.


Schockemohle Tokyo Select Bridle -

The Tokyo Select bridle a refined looking snaffle bridle with an anatomically shaped, narrow cut around the ears and a supersoft padded headpiece. It is soft and padded and the anatmically shaped noseband comes with a detachable flash strap. The flash strap also padded to enhance the horses comfort.

  • A smart bridle designed with the comfort of your horse in mind
  • Soft raised browband and noseband and shaped buckles
  • Detachable flash bottom strap
  • Available in Black and Brown.

Schockemohle Slimford Bridle -

This new Schockemohle bridle has a functional yet sporty design. It has an anatomically shaped crank noseband for the horses comfort, as well as a unique neck piece. Schockemohle designed this beautiful smart bridle to give more comfort for the horse basing their design on the anatomy of the skull allowing more movement of the horses ears. This reduces pressure in sensitive areas around the cheekbone and neck ultimately enchancing the comfort of the horse.

  • This bridle has no flash just a broad caveson noseband
  • The Slimford bridle comes with two browbands, one simple plain leather browband and one with a slim crystal chain, just perfect for those in the dressage ring!
  • Available in Black and Brown.

Schockemohle Reins-

Durasoft leather reins- Match either of these bridles with one of our best-selling Schockemohle reins! They are super soft and easy to hold with the grip markers already built into the rein. Supple leather with a luxurious feel, nylon webbing within the rein to stop tearing. These reins featured a classic buckle end and leather sewn stoppers.

Rolled rubber reins- Carefully rolled rubber reins, giving the classic yet distinctive look. They give you a good hold and are equipped with a hook and stud. Ideal to match with any Schockemohle bridle and easy to use and clean !

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4th March 2018

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