Barrier Health SUPER new longer lasting additions!

Have your horse covered this Spring/Summer with the new Power Plus fly repellent!

NEW Barrier Health Super Power Plus Spray 

  • The latest addition to the Barrier Animal Healthcare range using the latest and most effective ingredients.
  • Protects horses and ponies against all flying and biting pests.
  • Contains Lemon Balm and Cedarwood to soothe sore and bitten areas and stop the need to rub.
  • Designed to last longer for up to 8 hours, new for 2018 longer lasting formula.
  • Pure and concentrated Avocado oil coat conditioner is included which is high in vitamins A, D and E to nourish hair and dry or flaky skin.
  • Active ingredient Lavendin 2%
  • Available in 500ml spray.


NEW Barrier Health Super Power Plus Gel-

  • This is Barrier Health's most advanced fly repellent by using the latest and most effective ingredients.
  • Top quality ingredients for a guaranteed long lasting protection against all flying insects, inlcuding midges, horse flies, stable flies, house flies and black flies.
  • This is a completely non-toxic product, meaning even those horses that are sensitive should not react to this product as it ir plant derived.
  • Although it is non-toxic, it still provides up to 8 hours of all round protection!
  • Contains Pure concentrated Avocado oil that is high vitamins A, D and E to help maintain a healthy, shiny coat and flake free skin.
  • As well as the vitamins, this fly repellent includes Lemon balm and cedar wood oil to help soothe sore and bitten areas.
  • Active ingredient Lavendin 2%

Barrier Health Super Plus Fly Gel-

  • This gel is similar to the Super Power Plus gel in an easy to use study pot.
  • An insect repellent for amateur use against flying insects such as midges, horse flies, house flies, face flies, stable flies and vlack flies on horses and ponies. 
  • Super plus has pure and concentrated Avocado oil and vitamins A, D and E.
  • The gel is designed for use on areas which are awkward to reach, such as the head, belly and sheath.
  • Gel is a great alternative to spray, as some horses or ponies can be shy of spray or even spook, so this alternative provides for those with more nervy horses!
  • Contains 1.5% Citriodiol
  • Available in 500gm gel

Barrier Health Super Plus Fly Spray-

  • One of our best-selling fly sprays here at Townfields every Summer!
  • This spray not only defies all blood sucking and nuisance flying insects, it stops your horses need to rub and smells great all at the same time!
  • Pure and concentrated Avocado oil is included, high in vitamins A, D and E
  • As this is a softer fly spray than others, it can be applied to pink, exposed areas which the avocado coat conditioner helps soothe and calm any irritation from fly and midge bites!
  • Contains 1.5% Citriodiol.
  • Available in 1L spray and refill and 500ml spray and handy refils too.

Keep your horse fly free this Summer with Barrier Health!

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26th March 2018

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