Choose Supreme Products for that Showring Sparkle!


With the season in full swing, make sure your horse is shining in the ring!

Choose Supreme Products - the leaders in equine preparation products and garments, helping you achieve perfection when it really matters

First of all, to get your horse clean...

  • Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo- For stains that won't budge, this is the shampoo for you! This shampoo works directly on the affected area and works into the stain, then when washed off removes it. For those stubborn stains, you may need to apply this more than once, but be sure it will come out eventually! This shampoo also helps with the removal of yellow stains from white tails. It doesn't contain any bleach or dye and is safe to use on all coats improving brightness and shine!
  • Supreme Products Blue Shampoo- Although blue shampoo is known to enhance the colour of grey coats, this shampoo is effective on all coat colours, enhancing the colour and definition. It will clean your horses coat whilst promoting the colour too! This can also be used without the risk of staining.
  • Supreme Products Hot Oil when hot clothing - to clean the coat; remove grease and dirt and to add great condition and shine to the coat. Hot oil is very popular product grooming kit product for excellent show preparation.

Sparkle and shine!

  • Supreme Products Sparkle- This is a brilliant spray for manes and tails producing shine! Just that little extra can make your horse stand out. This can be used all over the body, and looks fantastic on sunny days. You can spray this directly onto your horse or spray onto a soft brush and then apply to your horses coat. Please note, this product does not contain glitter.
  • Supreme Deluxe Coat Gloss- This gloss produces the ultimate coat finish. Designed for perfection on show coats as it is light in texture and easy to apply to either wet OR dry coats! It is shiny without being sticky or oily! This has a double purpose, as you can use it as an underbelly mud repellent after your horse has had a bath and this gloss will also hold in quarter marks!

  • Supreme Products High Shine Finishing Wipes can be used round the eyes and on the muzzle, down the legs and on the quarters. Contains Citronella and UV Protection to help prevent sunburn on lighter skinned animals.


  • Supreme Products Highlighter Gloss- This is great to enhance you horse's best points! It produces a fabulous finish on the eyes, nose, muzzle and dock area. It also contains UV protection to prevent sunburn. Great for when coloured products aren't allowed!
  • Supreme Products Eye Gloss- It will darken and add definition and shine to eyes, nose and muzzle! Can also be used on legs and knees to create definition and shine. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge for best effects.

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21st April 2018

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