Quick Knot.. The latest innovation to help with your plaiting up!

No more needle and thread... No more time wasting... Get your hands on Quick Knot today!

 Quick Knot is the latest innovation for plaiting. An easy solution making the time consuming plaiting with needle and thread a thing of the past, looking at the future!

To use simply make a plait and follow the following instructions.

  • Make a plait and tie it like normal at the end with a band
  • Roll the plait into a ball as usual
  • Push the quick knot through the backside of the plait
  • The middle prong will come through the front of the plait
  • Bend this prong 45 degrees to the side or upwards and the plait is finished
  • To remove bend the middle prong back down and pull the quick knot out

Simple and time efficient!

  • Available in Black, Brown, Grey and White.
  • There are two sizes available, standard size for normal mane thickness and XL size for those very thick manes. Enquire by email or phone for help with sizes!
  • You can re-use Quick Knot, but as everything, it will wear out over time.
  • Thoroughly tested by people of all abilities and ages!

With Quick Knot you will...

  • Save a HUGE amount of time, creating plaits within seconds not minutes!
  • Get stunning results, your plaits will never have looked so good
  • Apply plaits effortlessly, easily whilst keeping the plaits firmly held

Step by step guide on how to assemble these on our website, as well as a video to help you along the way!

3rd June 2018

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