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The Neue Schule range... promoting mouthing and acceptance!

Neue Schule Loose Ring Starter Bit 16mm (9008) -

  • The starter bit is a gentle bit with added tongue relief that encourages horses to stretch the topline, dropping down into a gentle, but consistent contact.
  • This bit encourages mouthing and acceptance.
  • A great bit to start with to establish the basics with.
  • A very versatile bit- It can be used for lungeing, long-reining and schooling.
  • Dressage legal.

Neue Schule Team Up Bit 16mm (9009) -

  • A great training bit helping develop the partnership between you and your horse through the gentle qualities of the bit.
  • Ergonomically curved mouthpiece to give even weight distribution by helping the tongue align itself.
  • Encourages the horse to soften through the jaw, relaxing and lengthening the neck going into a soft contact, again showing acceptance and mouthing.
  • One of the most popular Neue Schule bits!
  • Dressage legal.

Neue Schule Verbindend Bit 16mm (9011) -

  • A great bit if your horse is heavy on the forehand as it emphasises the signals given through the rein.
  • As the signals are emphasised, the freedom of the shoulder can be developed which also promotes self carriage.
  • The verbindend eliminates tongue evasions through the channel where the tongue can sit, allowing the horses jaw to relax and soften.
  • Dressage Legal.

Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Universal Bit 16mm (8023u) -

  • A brilliant bit for faster work, including jumping as it can aid you to turn more easily and can help with eliminating any head tossing when asking your horse for a downward transition.
  • If a snaffle isnt quite strong enough, this bit is highly recommended as the mouthpiece is still mild but it subtly employs on other pressure points.

Neue Achule Tranz Angled Lozenge Pelham Bit 16mm (80237p) -

  • Very popular bit in the show ring.
  • This pelham is designed to be comfortable, promoting an outline and lifting up from the shoulder.
  • This pelham is different to a standard, solid mouthpieced pelham as it does not feel wooden, there is more flexibility.


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28th June 2018

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