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ProLite Multi Riser Adjustable Pad Thin-

  • One of the most popular ProLite products here at Townfields Saddlers due to versatility!
  • The removable shims in the back and front of the ProLite Multi-Riser allows for quick adjustment to the depth of the pad, helping you to find the perfect balance.
  • This is a useful tool to have for any yard, as you can change it for each and every saddle.
  • Click the link to see both of the 5 star reviews left on our website...

ProLite GP Relief Pad-

  • This ProLite relief pad is used specifically as a cushioning pad to absorb impact from the rider in the saddle.
  • It is shaped to fit your horse's back and designed to develop the bearing surface of a GP saddle.
  • A light product, weighing much less than a gel pad which will not pull across the spine!
  • Great to comfort your horse with the weight of any saddle!

ProLite Adjustable Wither Pad-

  • The ProLite Wither pad is a great solution if your horse has suffered some weight loss or muscle wastage as it can alter the fit of the saddle accordingly.
  • It can raise the front of the saddle to reduce damage to your horse from pressure of the saddle.
  • Great for older horses to fill in hollow withers.
  • A stable saddle accessory as there is no sliding, the ProLite wither pad stays in place.

ProLite Tripad Thin

  • Provides quick easy front or rear adjustment when trying to balance a saddle. Set on a thin base to keep bulk to a minimum, this three-pocketed pad provides endless solutions when trying to balance a saddle on a horse with asymmetric conformation or during a remedial fit.
  • The Tri-Pad has six pockets so is probably our most versatile tool for the saddle fitter because adjustment can be made at either the front, middle and rear, plus balance adjustments side to side. This makes it useful for a horse with asymmetrical conformation and can also be the solution for a horse with a dippy back, an older horse for example, where you can just shim the central sections.

ProLite performance Girth-

  • The ProLite Performance girth has an innovative design, scientifically proven to increase the horse's freedom of movement.
  • Hi-Tech fabric is used to wick away moisture from the horse, keeping them even more comfortable!
  • Benefits for flatwork- Increases the horses leg extension and highly reduces pressure.
  • Benefits for jumping- May improve neatness when the horse is jumping over the fence and could increase power on take off!
  • Available in the long girth style and as a dressage girth.

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Posted by Townfields
12th May 2022

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