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With such a wide range to choose from at Townfields, here are some of our favourites to give you a helping hand...


  • Thorowgood Airoform Girth - An award-winning girth at great value! The synthetic material is textured to allow airflow and stays soft and supple. To clean, simply use a wipe or a sponge.
  • Thorowgood Airoform Dressage Girth - Gently curved for a contoured fit, the cushioning eliminates any pinching of your horse. Textured airflow and elasticated inserts to make tacking up easier! Sponge clean.
  • Stubben String Girth - Another popular choice at Townfields! The Stubben String Girth is espsecially designed for non chafing. Nylon string and roller buckles give the girth a broad and airy feel, as well as being comfortable for the horse as it is a soft fabric.
  • Townfields Atherstone Girth - Available with or without elastic. A great quality English leather girth, a bestseller at Townfields! Soft padding to comfort your horse and shaped to sit correctly on your horse to avoid any pinching.
  • Townfields Anatomic Girth - Anatomically shaped for comfort in all the right places, elastic at both ends for ease of movement and balance, softly padded English leather and a ring for draw reins to be attached to or other schooling aids! An all in one!
  • Townfields Dressage Girth - Elasticated at the centre of the girth for ease of movement, calfskin padded underside to keep your horse comfortable and English leather.

All Townfields girth are easy to clean- wipe off the mud with a wet cloth, dry thoroughly

with a clean towel and wipe some saddle soap onto the girth to keep supple!

Then, simply allow to dry naturally.

Why not match your girth with a girth sleeve? See here for a NuuMed Girth sleeve, and here for your simple Acrylic girth sleeve


  • Townfields best seller! Bio Grip Reins- A raised bobble along the whole of the rein, very soft and extremely flexible in your hand. The Bio Grip reins have a brilliant grip. These reins are favourable by many because of their flexibility. Available in Black and Brown.
  • Townfields Eventa Reins- A good quality rubber rein, smoother than a traditional rubber rein giving them a great hold. Slightly thicker than bio reins but event riders favour these as the grip remains firm even when your horse becomes sweaty. Available in Black and Brown.
  • Schockemohle Durasoft Reins- Super soft, easy to hold reins. Grip markers built into the rein to help you be aware where your hands are sitting whilst riding. With nylon webbing within the rein, they are tear resistant making them very durable!


  • Bates Leather Webbers- A revolutionary stirrup strap made without buckles to reduce any lumps and bumps under your thighs, giving you a closer contact with your horse. As they are thinner than normal stirrup leathers, there is no excess bulk and interference.
  • Bates Luxe Leather Webbers- These serve the same purpose as the other Bates webbers. However, they are made with a new luxurious leather to match your Bates saddle, with a webbing included to ensure there will be no stretch causing uneveness.

Horse Boots-

  • Woof wear Club Brushing Boot- A great, best selling general purpose brushing boot, providing maximum protection from knocks or brushing injuries. Made from neoprene to keep your horse comfortable as they are not stiff, yet still protect your horse. Available in Black, White, Berry, Powder Blue and Mint. Why not match these with one of the new Woof Wear numnahs to look the piece this summer...?
  • Le mieux Derby Pro Jump Tendon Boots- A great value jumping boot with a range of innovative features. A close fitting boot with a vented shell to protect the tendon, preventing the heat building up, allowing your horse to stay cool. The soft inner lining and flexibile cutaway design allows optimum fit. The double velcro ensures security, making sure the boot does not slip. You could pair these with the Le Mieux Derby Pro Jump Fetlock Boots.


1st July 2018

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