Happy Mouth Bits

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All Happy Mouth bits have a unique apple scent which encourages the horses to accept the bit. The space age polymer provides a gentler bit for a happier horse.

Full Cheek -

  • The full cheek bits are a fixed cheek bit, which may be useful for horses that are unsure of the bit, as these do not move around much in the mouth, encouraging the horse to accept and stretch into a contact. They are very useful for breaking inn or bringing on younger horses, as they help enormously with turning aids. The full cheek is available in a jointed bit, which offers pressure on the sides of the tongue, lips and on the bars due to the nutcracker action.
  • Here at Townfields, we also carry the Happy Mouth full cheek straight bit, which again is good for young horses and helps with turning as it doesn't slide through the mouth. It is also great for horses that are prone to napping.
  • Adding to our big collection, there is also a full cheek peanut bit, in which there is a roller mouthpiece which rolls around in the centre of the mouth. It has two joints, which means the pressure is distributed over the the tongue and the bars of the mouth, causing no interference with the roof of the mouth. The roller action will encourage your horse to go on the bit and lower the head. As well as the Happy Mouth peanut bit, there is a copper peanut, which is exactly the same, but the copper may encourage the horse to salivate more, aiding in even more acceptance and keeping the horse content.


Eggbutt -

  • The Happy Mouth eggbutt jointed bit puts pressure on the sides of the tongue, on the lips and the bars of the mouth from the single jointed nutcracker action. This bit may have a head raising action, so would be less suitable for those horses that have a high carriage. Also available in Dressage sizes.
  • The straight bar eggbutt bit has a very mild mouthpiece, as the pressure of the bit doesn't change much due to the fixed mouthpiece. The bit will have some pressure on your horses tongue and lips, but is very useful for horses with soft mouths and those horses who don't agree with complicated mouthpieces. Also available in Dressage sizes.
  • Finally, there is the Happy Mouth Eggbutt contour copper lozenge bit, which is an innovative new design, providing comfort and to help improve control. It is moulded to fit the shape of the equine mouth and sits nicely within the mouth. The Copper double joint reduces physical pressure on the horse and promotes moisture in the horses mouth, elivating the acceptance from the horse.


Loose Ring-

  • Loose ring Happy Mouths are a great mobile bit as they are more mobile than the eggbutt or fixed cheek bits, which should encourage a relaxed jaw and mouth on the bit for your horse. Loose rings may be ueful if your horse leans on the bit, as it is always moving and therefore, the horse cannot take hold of the bit easily. The Happy Mouth loose ring straight bar is a very mild bit, whilst adding slight pressure on thetongue and lips. Good for a soft mouthed horse.
  • Happy Mouth Loose Ring Jointed has the same movable and flexible properties as the straight bar, but the joint will put pressure on the bars of the mouth as well due to the nutcracker action.
  • Happy Mouth Loose Ring peanut bit is a useful bit for gaining contact as the moveable mouthpiece enables the bit to fit the mouth, contouring to the tongue and sits in the natural position. The oval shaped link in the centre has two joints, spreading the pressure over the mouth. It may help with leaners, as the bit is more mobile. The roller also encourages mouthing and acceptance, as the horse can play with the roller, keeping occupied and content. Similar to this bit is the Happy Mouth Loose Ring Copper peanut, which holds all the same qualities as the normal peanut, but with an added benefit. The copper in the mouth will introduce added acceptance in your horses mouth, copper can increase salivation and warmth in the mouth.


Hanging Cheek -

  • Hanging cheek bits, also known as the Filet Baucher uses pressure on the poll as the extra ring on the bit is attached to the cheek piece in a fractionally higher position, giving poll pressure and encouraging the horse to lower their head, coming onto the bit. Useful for high carriage horses. The single jointed Happy Mouth hanging cheek puts pressure on the sides of the tongue, lips and the bars of the mouth.
  • The Happy Mouth hanging cheek peanut bit again increases poll pressure. The roller mouthpiece is one of the most popular mouthpieces, as the roller does not interfere with the roof of your horses mouth. It also gives the horse something to play with whilst they are being ridden, and helps lower the head. The Copper peanut Happy Mouth has the same qualities, with the added bonus of the copper mouthpiece, aiding with salivation.
  • Sometimes with hanging cheek bits you may need slightly shorter cheek pieces or just see where it buckles to.


Show Jump -

  • The Happy Mouth show jump bits are continental gags that can be worn with two reins, or one. But preferably two, as when one rein is used on the lower ring, the pressure is applied constantly and there is no release available for the horse. With two reins, the first rein should be attached to the snaffle ring, then the second to the one below and the pressure will increase and there will be more leverage. The single jointed show jump bit puts pressure on the sides of the tongue, on the lips and on the bars of the mouth due to the nutcracker action.
  • The Happy Mouth straight bar bit again has the same characteristics as the jointed, other than the mouthpiece. The straightbar mouthpiece is softer and is nicer in your horses mouth. The Happy Mouth Show Jump peanut bit again should be used with two reins, the roller action uses tongue pressure to encourage the horse to go onto the bit and lower the head, as it has bar and lip pressure but not a squeezing action like a single joint.  


Pelham -

  • The straight bar Happy Mouth pelham bit is designed to be used with two reins, or pelham roundings are needed if you are going to use one rein. Pelhams are suitable for forward going horses, as there is more leverage and additional curb action. The straight bar has a flexible mouth and is more preferable to some riders than the nutcracker action.
  • The Happy Mouth jointed pelham is often used for horses that prove too strong in a snaffle, the side shanks give you extra leverage to aid in stopping with the curb action too. The joint puts more pressure on the mouth than the straight bar.


We have a huge range of Happy Mouth bits here at Townfields in a range of sizes.

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14th January 2019

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