New to Townfields the Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle ......

Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle 


Schockemohle Equitus presents a new and innovative bridle concept. This bridle focuses on the sensitive head of the horse. Due to the innovative alignment the Equitus provides the horse with the ultimate wearing comfort.

All the Equitus models are FN certified and therefore LPO comploiant as well as approved for International competitions (FEI).

The Equitus Alpha bridle has the following special features. Have a read and understand more:

  • Softly padded headpiece with anatomical, forward cut shape which assures freedom of movement for the neck and ears avoiding irritations of the Nuchal Ligament
  • Wide and curved browband avoids pinching in the area of eyes and ears approx 35mm in width
  • Curved caveson bypasses the main ssitive facial nerves (nervus fascialis) and minimises pressure on the nasal bone
  • Quick and individual customisation with fixed button rivets
  • Sideways and flexible positioning of flash dstrap allows unrestricted breathing without constricting the respiratory tract
  • The way the cheek pieces are mounted directly to the noseband stabilises the bit in the horse's mouth and therefore leads to more comfort. Aids and instructions applied via the bit lead to a gentle impulse on the nose optimising communication with the horse.
  • The straps of the noseband are not closed right at the throat lash and allow an undisturbed blood circulation of the horse's head.
  • Fine quality leather throughout and innovatve design concept, patented with an International design patemt
  • Available in Cob, full and X/Full Sizes

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24th January 2019

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