MacWet Riding Gloves a new addition at Townfields ....

MacWet gloves are the 'all grip, no slip' technologically advanced gloves which have become a global sensation!

Their promise of unrivalled grip in all weather conditions means that they perform just as superbly when wet as when dry. The only glove of their kind, MacWet's quality products are currently being used in 35 varied sports which require the unparalleled grip of gloves in all manner of weather conditions. MacWet Gloves are so versatile they can be used for practically any sport or activity where grip and sensitivity are required. 


MacWet Short Mesh Sports Riding Gloves-

MacWet Long Mesh Sports Riding Gloves-

  • The all NEW sports gloves!
  • They have a great grip which is crucial in many activities, especially horse riding! The gloves are also suitable for watersports, shooting, fishing and cycling.
  • These are top performance gloves, even in the wettest conditions, the grip being 100% so you feel reasssured when wearing them.
  • MacWet gloves have been specifically designed to encourage airflow around the hound to keep you comfortable when riding or playing other sports. 
  • The fabric is one of a kind! It responds to moisture and climate change, so no matter how wet or humid, you will still feel comfortable! 
  • The glove has natural wicking properties, allowing any water to evaporate quickly! Providing optimum grip.
  • It is a secure fit, which isnt bulky allowing for fine adjustment of equipment without the need to remove the gloves
  • The short design finishes at the wrist band has a wide elasticated cuff for comfort, whilst feeling secure all at the same time!
  • The long design glove finishes just above the wrist and as well, has a thick elasticated cuff for comfort and security!

Short Cuff -  Available in Black and Navy, From sizes 6 -10

Long Cuff - Available in black, From sizes 6 -10



9th March 2019

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