Major Change to Whip Rules ....

Keep up to date with the new whip regulations! 

The new whip rule has come into place to protect and promote the welfare of our horses. 

Information you need to know -

  • From the 1st January 2020, only one type of whip will be allowed at British Showjumping competitions
  • The only whip allowed will be cushioned type whips, they’re cushioned, so they’re kinder
  • Only one whip may be carried at one time and no substitute for a whip can be carried 
  • If you are carrying a whip, then it must be carried correctly, this being held in your hand with the handle at the top
  • The cushioned whips are the whip allowed, thicker and padded, therefore are kinder to the horse, ultimately promoting and protecting their welfare.
  • Available in plain black and fresh new colours too

If you need to buy a new whip that meets the new rules and regulations, the Townfields Jump Bat is suitable and would meet the correct standards!  


14th February 2020

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