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The Dublin label first began 30 years ago when a small range of jodhpurs was developed in Australia. Dublin's style is developed by riders for riders - whether it's on a horse, in the stable or in the yard. It's the little things that make a big difference when it comes to riding. Dublin products are tested to ensure they not only do what they're designed for, but also make sure you look good.

Dublin River boots and Pinnacle Boots continue to be our bestsellers for horse owners, dog walkers or simply country life.

Browse NEW!! Exciting additions to our Dublin Country footwear range ...


Dublin Husk Boots II - A super new addition to the Dublin range ideal for wearing in the country, walking the dog or around the yard

  • Waterproof and breathable lifestyle boot, keeping your feet wet on those rainy days walking through the fields or yard!
  • Full grain leather upper for durability, easy to clean and keep maintained 
  • RCS footbed system for comfort and breathability, keeping you comfortable all day long
  • Branded heel support for strength and protection and double cushioning layer for great comfort
  • Positive traction grip rubber outer sole PTG, so even on the rainy days you have grip!


Dublin Kennet Boots are classic styled, waterproof and breathable full leather country boots!

  • Moisture-wicking RCS footbed system, to keep your feet cool when the weather heats up!
  • Heel, arch support and double cushioning layer for great comfort and support, whether that be walking the dogs or if you're on the yard all day!
  • Breathable nylon lining suitable for wear all year round, keeping you comfortable in all weathers
  • Durable and lightweight rubber outer sole 
  • These boots would be a lovely addition to your wardrobe!


Dublin Darent River Boots are waterproof and breathable country boots

  • Full leather upper with a breathable nylon lining, suitable for wear all year round, keeping you comfortable in all weathers
  • Moisture-wicking RCS footbed system for comfort, keeping your feet cool and dry when the heat rises
  • A rugged rubber outsole designed for grip and endurance, so even on those wet rain days you have adequate grip!
  • A lovely new design with a double buckle at the top for a sleek, fashionable look
23rd March 2020

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