Showing in Hand... Get prepared for when the season does start!

At Townfields we have a range of products to get you ready for the Showing Season! 



Traditional In Hand Rope Halter - A simple design halter but popular for showing classes and leading in hand. Suitable for all sizes as fully adjustable just feeding through the loop, so no matter how big or small your horse, this will fit! 

White Web Adjustable Showing Halter100% cushion soft tubular cotton web, fully adjustable show halter 1" (25mm) for all breeds of ponies, cobs, foals and yearlings, all ages mares and geldings! Generous lead length with a looped end and quality brass fittings, looking sleek and smart. Again, suitable for all sizes! 



Shires Blenheim In Hand Plain Bridle - A simple style, good quality, inhand bridle featuring a plain noseband and browband with attractive brass fittings, looking smart for the showring! Good quality leather an d easy to clean up to make it sparkle! Perfect if you are wanting a sleek, clean look. 5/8", 16mm cheeks.

Shires blenheim Fancy Stitched In Hand Bridle - A traditional looking in hand leather bridle. Featuring traditional stitching on the noseband and browband, perfect for the fancy look! Solid brass fittings and good quality leather to ensure the supple and soft leather! 5/8" (16 mm) cheeks.


Lotions and potions! 

Absorbine Showsheen always a bestseller and perfect for the grooming kit. Makes grooming easier, reducing grooming time by as much as 80%. Great detangler - keeps mane and tail tangle free. Keeps horse cleaner by preventing the penetration of stains and the collection of dirt and dust reduces static electricity. Lasts a week between washings. 

Supreme Products Sparkle - A definite on the list to give abeautiful sheen once all clean and groomed. This brilliant dressing for manes and tails produces body and shine. Supreme products can be used all over the body and is fantastic for use under artificial light and sunny days. Spray sparingly direct from can or by applying to a soft brush to disperse. Does not contain glitter.

Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo - Great for older, established stains! Wipe the shampoo directly on to the affected area and work in to the stain. Further applications may be needed for stubborn stains. With regular use, this shampoo will assist with the removal of yellow stains from white tails. 

Supreme Products Blue Shampoo - Formulated originally to enhance the colour of grey and white coats! This concentrated blue shampoo works effectively on all coat colours promoting depth of colour and giving definition. It is a shampoo that can be used safely without the risk of staining which will promote the colour of dual or multi coloured coats.

Supreme Products High Shine Shampoo - A shampoo for all coat colours when residues need to be removed in order to restore the coat and produce a full lustre and shine. Valuable in early season, brilliant after clipping and essential during the show season to remove build up of coat preparations. An outstanding shampoo for the preparation of black and dark coats for the show ring!

NAF Pimp My Pony Shampoo - Perfect for those dirty ponies! Get them clean and standing out from the crowd by using perfect pink shampoo which not only smells fab it cleans deeper and shines brighter. Give your pony the wow factor and prepare to be DAZZLED!

NAF Show Off Shampoo -  To make your show horse showier, your black horse blacker, your white horse whiter and all others in between simply more dazzling, just add Show Off to your water and work up the suds! The results will be DAZZLING!


Just a snippet of the products we offer here at Townfields! 

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Choose from Carr Day and Martin, Quic Silver and Barrier Health


Show Ring Makeup 

Supreme Products Make Up - Use these matt colours to cover marks and scars or stray coloured hairs. This can even be mixed together to reach the desired shade. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way! 

Supreme Products Highlighter Gloss - Enhance your horse's best points with this highlighter gloss. Excellent for use when coloured preparation products are not allowed. A fabulous finish is achieved on eyes, nose, muzzle and dock area. Contains UV protection to help prevent sunburn.

Absorbine Hoof Shine - Provides an instant varnishThis great hoof oil seals out excess moisture and hardens soft hooves. Dries in less than 60 seconds. Will not harm horses' hooves and does not penetrate beyond the surface of the hoof wall. Wears off in a week with normal activity. Available in 2 colours black and clear

Carr Day and Martin Dreamcoat - One of Townfields most popular groomnig products!!! Outshine the competition with Dreamcoat, the ultimate high gloss finish. The unique non-slip formula highlights muscle definition and can be used on the saddle patch, leaving no grease or residue. Spray Dreamcoat onto manes and tails prior to plaiting for a high shine finish!

There are many more products on offer here at Townfields for the show ring!

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21st April 2020

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