CLEARANCE at Townfields ...

Everybody loves a bargain!!

Take a look at Equestrian Clearance at Townfields...


Rider Clearance

We have a wide range of items at sale prices!! From Pikeur and Ariat to Equetech and Shires... There is something for everyone!

This is just a snippet... There are boots, accessories and much more on our website HERE


Pikeur Ebana Jacket - An innovative functional jacket with features including fake down to keep you warm and giving the real quilted look

                                      Treat yourself and look the part with the Pikeur Tessa Grip Breeches too... 


Ariat Capistrano Jacket - A lightweight jacket that is sleek and stylish - Ideal for traditional English weather

                                           You could pair this with the Ariat Conquest Ladies 1/2 Zip... The perfect pair! 


Equetech Padbury Quilted JacketA stylish and practical quilted jacket, perfect for on or off the yard including technical bio-down insulation

                                                            Equetech Ladies Winter Riding Tights... A perfect addition to go with a lovely new coat! 


Shires Aubrion Newberry Jacket - A padded mid-length jaket with a high collar, shielding against wind and rain

                                                          OR... For the Spring months, you could try the Shires Aubrion Cinder Gilet...


Toggi Barwick Ladies SweatshirtA super soft brushed back jersey sweatshirt, keeping you cosy and warm 

                                                           The Toggi Thornton Bobble Hat would also add to your warmth and cosiness..



Horse Clearance

Numnahs, rugs, boots, bandages and much more...

Visit our website HERE for the whole stock as this is just a glimpse...


LeMieux GP Numnah's - A great general purpose square with a brushed cotton effect, leaving a very smooth feel. Perfect for the active horse! 

                                          Available in a range of colours HERE! You could even match the numnah with a LeMieux Fly Hood...


Rugs - Shires Highlander Turnout LitePerfect for the coming months... Keeping your horse dry but cool in the warmer weather!

            Horseware Rambo Fly Buster VamooseThe most powerful defence against flies! Keep your horse comfortable this summer! 

            WeatherBeeta Airlite CoolerA breathable, lightweight mesh rug to assist cooling your horse in the warmer weather...


Boots - Roma Air Flow Shock Absorber Boots - Easy tape closure with soft lining for comfort and shock absorbent for protection!

             Shires Arma Breathable BootsOffering total impact protection and support to the fetlock and tendons! 

             LeMiuex Over-Reach Boots with FleeceSoft and flexible with a double lock velcro closure and a durable ribbed shell! 



Yard Clearance 

Some necessities for the yard...

Red Gorilla Tub Trugs - SP15A flexible and weather resistant tub built to last! Easy to carry and suitable for storing or feed! 

                                        SP26Flexible and easy to use with grippy handles! Made from food-grade material! Suitable for everything! 

Shires Dog Cushion - Perfect for when your dog has ran round and round the yard and gets tired...! It is waterproof... Easy to clean!



11th March 2020

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