Spring Clean the Yard during difficult times ...

Now is the time to do those mundane jobs!


Here at Townfields we offer a large range of stable equipment to help keep your yard clean and tidy...


Red Gorilla Equipment 

Red Gorilla Wheelbarrow A key essential for any yard with a good size capacity of 90 Litres! 

  • Puncture proof wheel and a rust proof tray - Ensuring durability 
  • Well balanced - Making it easier to wheel when taking the rubbish to the muck heap! 
  • Barrow Dimensions 1380 x 620 x 540 and the weight is just 8.4kg
  • Supplied unassembled in a neat box measuring an easy size for a Parcelforce Delivery Box size 980 x 640 x 360

You can even purchase a Red Gorilla Children's Wheelbarrow... Get your little helpers their own little barrowwith a matching fork too !


 Red Gorilla Deluxe BroomA great yard broom with the latest polypropylene bristles! 

  • Easy to clean polypropylene bristles - The wispy ends reach right into the corners and hard to reach places! 
  • Performs well in both wet and dry conditions
  • Stong and lightweight - Enusring durability and comfort when sweeping 
  • Detachable handle
  • Available in a standard size (Height 130cm, width 45cm) or Large size (Heigth 133cm and width 52cm)

OR... Why not try the Red Gorilla Original Corn Broom with similar qualities..


Red Gorilla Tidee Poop ScoopIdeal for the yard or gardens! 

  • Useful for muck collecting on the yard and for piles of dirt that you have swept! This is an easy way to shovel them into a barrow or onto a much heap! 
  • Ideal for clearing dog muck from your lawn 
  • Includes the rake and a clip to keep the rake attached when not in use 

ALSO... See the Red Gorilla Big Tidee as an alternative...



Once the spring clean is done... Why not freshen up your stable equipment with Stubbs Retro range?

Stubbs Retro Bridle Rack 

  • A refined style and substantial construction this is the perfect partner to the elegant new saddle rack
  • Enjoying the same wrought iron styling and dark waxed hardwood, this will look the part virtually anywhere
  • Protruding wooden lip prevents bridles falling off
  • Large hook below for reins

OR... If you have a large amount of bridles, why not try the Stubbs Retro Tack Pegs... 3 pegs in 1! 


Stubbs Retro Saddle Rack 

  • Evoking the quality and class of two centuries ago the stylish metalwork and beautiful dark solid wooden pole create a very classy saddle rack
  • Befitting the finest yards in the world, only its practical functionality exceeds its appearance
  • With a price tag that is within everyone’s reach, all can enjoy the classic styling
  • Robust metalwork and the waxed dark hardwood pole... A classic combination!
  • For presentation, a purpose designed box sleeves over the pole reflecting the quality of this fine product

If you want to keep everything together... Bridles, Saddles, Numnahs, Headcollars


See the Stubbs Retro Saddle Horse!!! Great for those with limited space.



Cleaning Products...

Virkon SA powerful disinfectant!

  • Provided in a sachet for ease 
  • This is a virucidal disinfectant and is effective against viral, bacterial and fungal disease causing organisms! 
  • Effect on porous sufaces AND at low temperatures 
  • Add 1 sachet to 5 litres of water BUT make sure to read the packet carefully before use!


Keep in touch with Townfields for all your essentials .... 


27th March 2020

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