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Shop at Townfields for your Summer essentials to keep the flies away!

A wide range of fly masks, one to suit every horse and every budget!


Rambo® Plus Flymask VamooseThe ultimate fly mask for your horse this Summer!

Rambo's most effective and long lasting flymask! with superior quality providing a clear frame away from the eyes giving optimum eye protection, fitted ears and detachable nose protection. Features include...

  • Fabric treated with vamoose insect control technology, aiding in keeping the flies away
  • Extremely durable textilene body, soft polyester ear material, comfortable fleece edging with Vamoose® technology for the ultimate protection against flies and the damaging effects of sunlight.
  • Improved design for optimum eye protection, detachable nose protection, large fitting soft ears and adjustable closure with elastic to allow the horse to graze comfortably, showing versaitlity 


WeatherBeeta Durable Fly Mask - A durable mesh that is sturdy and easy to see through with double darts for a superb fit.

This mask is available in 3 different variables - Ears and nose, just ears or just nose! Features include...

  • Adjustable double touch tape tabs for ease of use and the ability to get the mask snug to fit your horse!
  • Soft fleece binding for additional comfort, ensuring no rubbing.
  • Stretch fleece poll for a secure and comfortable fit
  • 60% UV Block to keep not only the flies away, but the sun out of their eyes!


WeatherBeeta ComFitec Fine Mesh Masks- A fine mesh allows for full vision with double darts for a superb fit!

Perfect for those horses with sensitive sight as the fine mesh allows for more vision. Features include

  • Adjustable double touch tape tabs for ease of use and allowing you to get the best fit for your horse
  • Soft fleece binding for additional comfort, stopping rubbing for those horses who are extra 
  • Stretch fleece poll for comfort and protection, providing a comfortable fit
  • 60% UV Block to keep not only the flies away, but the sun out of their eyes!


WeatherBeeta Stretch Bug Fly MaskA lightweight soft and flexible nylon stretch mask with ears and raised mesh eye inserts for unobstructed vision

Features include...

  • Stretch fit fabric offers a secure fit around the horse's head
  • The stretchy fabric preventing insects from entering within the mask
  • Simply stretch over the horses face, leaving a secure yet comfortable fit as the fabric is soft and flexible 
  • A  bestseller each year at Townfields!
  • Fresh bright colours available in a soft fabric
  • UV Block 65% - Keeping the sun out of your horses eyes for extra protection!


Amigo Mio Fly Mask- A simple but effective mask!

Features include...

  • Soft polyester mesh for comfort, with velcro fastening under the jaw for a secure fit 
  • Comfortable fleece edging and soft ear protection, helping those horses with sensitive skin
  • Contoured to fit your horse's head snugly, reduces irritation from flies and reflects sunlight
  • Ideal to match the Mio/Amigo Rugs or as a good protective mask


Saxon Fly Mask-

  • An affordable mask in a fine weave mesh providing protection from insects during the Summer months.
  • Velcro closure under the jaw for a secure fit
  • UV Block 70% - Keeping the sun rays out of your horses eyes!!


LeMieux Mask- COMING SOON!!

This is a new and improved Armour Shield Fly Mask! Features include...

  • Heavier duty silver 75% UV protective mesh, really keeping the sun away from your horses eyes 
  • A more generous fit over the eye darts which give a stand-off over the face, ensuring the mask stays away from the eyes but still protecting!
  • Comfort is top priority with soft breathable bamboo lining strips across the brow & nose, helping to prevent rubbing & ensures clearance across eyes.
  • The elasticated head piece & throat strap allows for close firm fit, breathable mesh ears prevent irritation from flies and midges
  • Newly added forelock slit for increased comfort and security, keeping your horses face cooler on those sunny days!

Just a few of the masks we offer at Townfields...


Browse the full range of fly masks and fly veils on our website here!


 Why not buy some much needed fly repellent to keep those flies away too! We offer all the effective brands here are just a few ...


Leovet Power Phaser- The new power in insect defence which works against; horse flies, ticks and all biting and non-biting flies. 100% keep away power and long lasting adhesion of the active ingredients even when your horse perspires. Gives 7 hours effectiveness and is always a best seller here at Townfields! Also available in gel form!

Barrier Super Plus Fly RepellentDefies all blood sucking and nuisance flying insects including midge, bot, horsefly, house, stables and black flies, and stops the need to rub. Can be applied to pink, exposed areas to help soothe and calm irritation and the effects of midge bites. Also available in gel form!

Equine America Stinger Fly and Insect RepellentAn effective spray for the relief of flying and biting insects including midges. Each application is effective for up to 7 hours depending on the weather conditions, simply repeat applications may be safely administered to provide additional relief. Stinger is invisible on application and is safe for your horse and the environment and this product is approved under the Code of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (as amended) for use as directed HSE: 10515.  

NAF Citronella SprayCitronella spray for summer coats Citronella Spray is a highly scented mane, tail and coat spray. It is long lasting, effective making it ideal for all horses during the summer months. Citronella also aids in keeping the flies away! Available in gel and a huge bottle of 2.5L. Also available is a NAF Citronella Tag which is made with citronella oil. The unique design enables the citronella oil to be contained in a special compartment of the tag making it highly durable, waterproof and convenient to use. These tags can easily be attached to leatherwork and are highly scented.

NAF Off Extra Effect Fly Repellent Spray- Extra effect Spray offers long lasting natural protection against flies, horseflies and insects, and comes in a handy trigger spray. HSE approved natural fly repellent. Also available in gel and in a bottle of 2.5L

NAF Off Deet Power SprayOffers long lasting protection against flies, horseflies and insects. NAF Off Deet Power Spray comes in a handy trigger spray and is HSE approved fly repellent containing proven effective ingredient DEET, also available in gel and 2.5L bottle

Lincoln Ditch the Itch- This fly spray does just what it says and alleviates the problem of sweet itch as well as keeping the fleis away! Ditch the Itch uses a unique natural blend of citrinella oil and essential ingredients blended together. This novel formulation is pleasant smelling, easy to apply and easy on the horse. Regular use of Lincoln Ditch the itch really works in repelling the midges that cause the misery of sweet itch. With regular use throughout the sweet itch season, Ditch the Itch acts as an effective midge repellent for sweet itch susceptible horses. 


There is lots of choice here at Townfields to help with keeping the flies away during the warmer temperatures

Place your order online as usual to purchase your masks and repellent for your horses or use our click and collect sevice instore just call and we'll hold aside for your arrival! 




16th April 2020

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