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These uncertain times leave some of us with plenty of time to keep our horses fit and healthy! To keep your horses interested and to try and prevent them getting bored from doing the same exercise everyday... Why not mix it up and try lunging? 


Benefits of lunging

  • It helps with keeping your horses calm... If you think they are feeling slightly fresh, whether this be because of the grass or you simply haven't had enough time to ride, lungeing your horse will help get energy levels down slightly and get them listening to your orders, paying attention to what you are asking them to do!
  • Improvement of suppleness... Lunging can help encourage your horses neck, improving the top line muscles, which will also improve hind leg action!
  • Lungeing can also help your horse be more esponsive to voice aids. The more times they listen to you and respond correctly, whether this be upward or downward transitions, the more they will listen when you are riding.
  • Also great if you are short of time! Your horse can have a good workout within 15-20 minutes, as lunging is usually on a circle! BUT... remember to work your horse evenly on both sides!



Basic - Everyone who lunges needs a lunge line and a lunge whip to gain the basic lunging technique.

  • Townfields Acryclic Lunge LineA plain, simple but good and basic lunge line, 21ft long with a trigger clip and hand loop.
  • Kincade Brights Two Tone PaddedA sturdy lunge line with padding for a comfortable grip on your hands, bolt snap and loop end. 8m length
  • Kincade Two Tone Circle Markers - A lunge line with circle measurements at 20m, 15m and 10m mark which helps with identifying the size of your circle! 
  • John Whitaker Lunge LineEssential for lungeing, soft quality webbing and handle at the end of the line for extra grip! 8m length 
  • Dublin 2 piece Lunge WhipA quality lunge whip which unscrews in the middle to be able to store easily. Great for lungeing as the added length helps your reach. 

Add more to the collection - Step your game up... 

  • Kincade Lunge CavessonA good basic lunge cavesson with a padded nose and good wide straps, providing a bitless method of control whilst lunging! 
  • Kincade Nylon Lunge CavessonAn affodable padded lunge cavesson with adjustability around the nose and udner the chin 
  • Kincade Deluxe Lunge Roller - Ideal for training and lungeing. Girth straps on both sides for adjustability and lots of rings for attaching side reins and training aids! Quality nylon upper and a padded wipeable underside which sits either side of the spine. 
  • Shires Aviemore Leather and Elastic Side ReinsHelping your horse maintain a contact with elastic inserts and trigger clips! Attachable to the Lunge roller

Lunging Sets - Great for the yard...

  • Kincade 4 in 1 Lungeing SetA complete set in one! Including a cavesson, lunge line, roller and side reins! All that needs adding is a lunge whip!
  • John Whitaker Training SystemHelps develop neck and back muscles. It encourages the horse to work in an outine which teaches self carriage. The system includes the roller and ropes! 


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4th May 2020

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