Clipping Season is Fast Approaching!


Get ahead of the game ready for the clipping season...

New clippers, new blades or blade sharpening? 

Townfields offer all the latest clippers, blades and everything required ! 


Top tips before you begin clipping! 

  • Ensure you have clean blades to begin with and that they are sharp! We offer a blade sharpening service at Townfields, sent off on a Mondayand usually take 7-10 days to arrive back in store. 
  • Make sure your horse is clean before clipping to remove dirt and excess grease to ensure the clipping process is problem free! 
  • Clip in a well - lit area so you can see what you are doing. 
  • Oil your blades regularly throughout the clip!!! This is essential, as you do not want the blades to overheat and make the clipping uncomfortable.


Clippers at Townfields


Lister Fusion Horse Clipper

  • A new addition to the Lister range!
  • Boasting two speeds to accommodate any clipping application, the Fusion Clipper ensures exceptional performance under challenging conditions with its powerful 360W motor for a fast, professional clip.
  • Designed for superior handling, the Lister Fusion clipper is slim and perfectly weighted for ease of use and features a double fan design and ventilation outlets to ensure consistent cool running during long periods of use.
  • Free Clipper Holdall Bag and a set of A2 Blades with all purchases of the NEW Lister Fusion Horse Clipper.


Lister Liberty Lithium Yard Pack Cordless Clipper

  • Listers most versatile clipper! 
  • The Lister Liberty Lithium clipper has no air filters to clean making it a very low maintenance clipper and with a choice of three power supplies it can be used in any location, 45W motor.
  • This clipper is one of the most versatile machines available using a re-chargeable power pack with waist belt and it can be used in placs with no electricity, or in places with electricity if you have not managed to charge it! 


Lister Legend Horse Clipper

  • The Lister Legend clipper has a powerful, durable motor and slim grip design!
  • This clipper is the natural choice for those users looking for superior handling and a professional performance.
  • The Legend is the latest in Lister Engineering and will quickly and effortlessly clip even thick or dirty coats.
  • Powerful 150W motor for fast clipping, ventilated head, overload switch, rubber mountings to keep noise to a minimum.


Trimmers at Townfields 


Lister Adore Trimmer

  • Is lightweight and quiet, it offers unparalleled cutting performance
  • No matter what disposition a horse has, the Adore guarantees an easy trim with amazing results
  • The powerful DC motor features automatic speed control, making it ideal for detail.


Libretto Lithium Libretto Max

  • A super Trimmer offers three power options to give you the freedom to purchase a trimmer which perfectly compliments your trimming demands and environment.
  • This trimmer is lightweight and compact for comfort and will cope the hardest of trimming applications. 
  • Either on its own or in conjunction with our Liberty clipper, the Libretto offers unrivalled freedom, portability and power options.


Wolseley Skylark Trimmer 

  • A quiet, versatile and more powerful than the Hummingbird, the Skylark is an ideal all-round trimmer which can be run off either the mains or battery.
  • It gives up to an hour battery trimming time and features a useful LED battery level indicator so that you should never run out.
  • The Skylark also has an adjustable blade height (0.8mm to 2.0mm) to give you the perfect trim. Ideal to tidy up before a show or trim up those difficult to reach places.


Clipping Accessories - Blades and Oil 


Lister Clipper Blades - These blades are suitable for Lister Legend, Lister Laser II, Lister Liberty and Lister Star models.

  • A2/AC Medium clipper blades 75mm wide, 35 teeth. Leaves 2.5mm of hair. These blades leave more hair on compared to the fine blades.
  • A2F/AC Fine clipper blades     75mm wide, 35 teeth. Leaves 1.4mm of hair. For close clipping.

Lister Covercote Blades - Ideal for leaving longer hairs on the legs.

  • With 24 teeth and 75mm wide these blades leave 5mm of hair for areas that require extra protection. T
  • hese blades are only available with a metal driving socket and are suitable to fit Lister Star, Legend and Popular models.

Visit our full blade collection on our website here!


Oil - We stock two different types of oil at Townfields for your clippers. 

Lister Clipper Oil - For use with clipper a must to keep up the lubrication. In a squeezy tube. 

Wolseley Spray Clipper Oil - Oil for use with any clipper, a must to keep up the lubrication. In a spray aerosol can.



Visit our clipping section on our website here or visit us in store to browse!




6th August 2020

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