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Science Supplements ethos is to only produce products with demonstrated efficacy that address real problems and which have been proven to work through laboratory, clinical and field trials. Equally important are safety, quality, palatability and consistency. 

The very first Science Supplements products were the brainchild of Dr David Marlin, a scientist with 25 years’ experience in the horse industry who has worked with the FEI, IOC and as a consultant to the British Equestrian Teams since 1994. Author of books and over 200 scientific papers Dr Marlin developed these products to fulfil the need of his professional clients for quality supplements, containing high grade, clinically proven ingredients that work.

From 2003 – 2012 the range of supplements were only available to professional riders, trainers, producers, yards and studs in racing, polo, endurance, showjumping, eventing and dressage, plus to the wider equestrian community in the United States in partnership with Purina Animal Nutrition.  2014 saw the launch of the products in the UK and futher export to other parts of the world.

To date there are 18 research papers on the products including published, peer reviewed papers in scientific journals. No other company invests in such robust research. With over 10 Equine Degrees, two Veterinary Surgeons and two PhD's all working tirelessly to support the health and welfare of your horses. Science Supplements have worked with The Animal Health Trust, Hartpury College, University of Edinburgh, Oklahoma State Universtiy and numerous Veterinary practices throughout the world to bring you the latest research and products available.

While stocks last we have a free gift with purchase either Instore on Online.

Here are just some of the Science Supplements available.

Science Supplements 4 Feet Plus - to improve horn condition and prevent cracking and splitting, decrease foot sensitivity and promote healthy skin and hair.

Science Supplements Flexibility Plus - a high specification joint supplement.

Science Supplements Prokalm - anxiety, stress and challenging behavuiour

Science Supplements Gut Balancer - supports a healthy gut and digestion

Science Supplements Hormonaid for a happy relaxed mare, supports hormone and eases anxious behaviour.

Take a read and see if they could be suitable for your horse to improve his well being.

During our sale week this forthcoming weekend the Science Supplements Representative Sam Nelmes will be on hand during Friday 25th February to discuss these new supplements if you would like some further help.

Here's a handy link to all the supplements we offer ....


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15th February 2022

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