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Getting ready for the competitive season again you may need to check your saddlery. Does it need a freshen up ? A new show bridle or some extra grip reins for cross country we have a marvellous collection for you to choose from.

Replace worn items or stretched items, maybe you need a new atherstone girth or five point breastplates a running martingale or some stirrup leathers there is something here for everyone.


Bridles take a look at Schockemohle bridles specifically adapted to the horse’s anatomy reducing pressure in sensitive areas around cheekbone and neck. The Schockemohle Stanford is a bestseller with matching reins available in super soft leather, nice to hold with the notches to gain eveness and balance.

The Collegiate Comfort Crown Padded Raised Flash Bridle is crafted with real attention to detail, a bridle that looks good and performs well. Features softly padded comfort crown headpiece and comes complete with reins. The Collegiate range offers the training bridle too with an ergonomically designed noseband that is shaped to alleviate pressure of the upper jaw and molar teeth. For a more traditional look suitable for working hunter or native classes with the flat noseband and flat browband the Collegiate Hunt Snaffle will be perfect. Browse matching martingales or breastplates or even the popular leather neck strap something just to hold if you needed it.

Flash bridles, grackle noseband bridles or even more budget priced Kincade bridles and the wipeable Wintec bridles, In hand bridles and matching in hand accessories there is lots of choice.


Townfields offers a great choice of reins from our bestselling Townfields Bio reins good to hold in the hand with a flexible feel or dressage reins with the rubber on the inside. Childrens's 48" reins just a touch shorter than the normal 54" length, both Walsall English leather or European leather reins at a touch less price.  Townfields Eventa reins are a good quality rubber rein giving a good grip and flex, they are super to hold being smoother than a traditional rubber rein and used by many top riders.

Laces reins and plaited reins for showing and standard rubber reins for everyday, different widths too for smaller hands or for a double bridle. Coloured reins too suitable for junior riders or even the Riding for the Disabled you can see where to hold easily. Just ask if you have a question or popinstore if you're local. Reins for all budgets here ..

Stirrup Leathers

Something that gets a lot of wear and stress are stirrup leathers like girths they need to fit well and be the right length there's nothing worse than having too much slack, not being able to tuck back into the saddle loop, being too bulky under the leg or simply uneven, you need to get it just right. Check your stirrup leathers for wear and tear whether it be stitching or the holes are worn, correct fitting tack can improve all manor of things. For less bulk try the Bates webbers in three different lengths the 70cm being the most popular for an average height lady, with less bulk under the leg they simply slide onto the stirrup bar and then you can lock them on.

Collegiate stirrup leathers and Velociti Gara non stretch Gara stirrup leathers, non stretch leathers or even Wintec synthetic leathers. All can be paired up with matching stirrup irons just check your boot fits nicely between and that the boot has a riding sole not a clumpy wellington for safety.

Horse Bits

Always a minefield for choice and what's best choosing a bit for the younger horse, serial forward going type, dressage legal or a horse with mouthing problems we offer a large choice from Neue Schule bits to promote acceptance and Stubben bits help keep your horse comfy, willing and happy with no pinching or nutcracker effect. Sweet Iron bits can be warmer in the horse's mouth and promote acceptance. From snaffle bits to Pelham bits for the stronger types take a look at the bitting section. From steering to stopping or pinching choose a bit your horse works well in, no need to over bit if not necessary. Always a good idea for a horse dentist to check your horse's teeth too be sure everything is fine, if there is problem there may be reason why.


From Townfields Leather elastic atherstone girths a favourite for competions and comfort, soft leather that can be easily cleaned and nicely shaped for comfort to our own Townfields comfort girth soft and wipeable at a great price we have lots of girths to choose from. The Prolite Performance Girth is scientifically proven to dramatically increase the horse's freedom of movement while the hi-tech fabric wicks away moisture from the horse available in longer normal length or the dressage shorter version.

Stubben string girths a long standing equestrian item with some marvellous reviews I think 57 as we stand being broad and airy with 14 strands of non chafing nylon and roller buckles available in black and brown. Neoprene dressage girths and matching girth sleeves too. Girths for all horses, small pony sized girths and much longer up to 58" long suitable for a 17hh horse.

Here is a link to the saddlery section on our website, take a look and do call if you have any questions re fit or style..


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5th March 2022

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