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25 years ago NuuMed started making saddlepads and numnahs. The company was started by Ian Pocock whom having ridden all his life realised an ambition to create a saddlepad that fitted horses and saddles properly, working to provide optimum comfort to a horse's back. Nuumed products were made using top quality materials that lasted and looked good and easy to look after, could be washed day in day out if necessary .

The Griffin NuuMed HiWither saddlepad fitted all these criteria and the Nuumed Name was born and in his lifetime he created over 40 different designs. NuuMed offers exceptional design, product make up, material choice and fit. Equestrian riders worldwide use NuuMed Saddlepads and numnahs on their horses for everyday riding or performance wear. 

NuuMed Saddlepads and  Numnahs are used and loved around the world by the riders who choose them, the horses who wear them and the saddle fitters and suppliers who recommend them - with something to suit virtually every discipline and a whole spectrum of saddle brands and types. And every single one is designed and made at NuuMed HQ in Somerset, England.

Take a look at NuuMed range here at Townfields and you'll find the bestselling options from the NMO3 wool numnah traditional in look and comfortable under the saddle to the simpler NM11 GP in cotton ideal for everyday or taking a sweaty horse cross country.

Griffin NuuMed NM11 Hi-wither Everyday Numnah GP simply a bestseller at Townfields Saddlers, browse some reviews perfect for all riding activities. Available in dresage og a GP cut.

Griffin NuuMed SP11 HiWither Everday Pad GP Saddle Pad if you prefer pads to numnahs, this is the best lightweight non wool pad on the market. 

Griffin NuuMed SP11 CC Hi-Wither Saddle Pad perfect for more forward cut saddles an ideal cross country option you made need a couple of these !

Griffin Nuumed SP01 Hi-Wither Half Wool Pad GP Saddle Pad in 5oz cotton quilt with half wool backing over key pressure points. A lightweight pad which gives superb protection to high withers but equally suitable for horses  without a high wither. Ideal for all uses. Available in a dressage cut too the wool padding being under the saddle portion only.

Griffin NuuMed NM03 Hi-Wither GP Standard Numnah one of the very best numnahs on the market. Gives excellent protection to the horse's back. Excellent fit, very smart and the wool helps keep the horse's back dry. A traditional good quality product used worldwide by equestrian riders.

Don't forget girth sleeves too all 100% Wool in different lengths they can be perfect as that extra cushion if needed.

For washing try the NuuWash specially formulated for horse, pet clothing and bedding just add to your wash.





Posted by Townfields
4th April 2022

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