New Liveryman Trimmers Instore at Townfields...

Tidy up before a show with the latest Liveryman Trimmers ...


Liveryman Flare Trimmer: An essential for everyones show preparation a very quiet light duty trimmer. Ideal for trimming around the head and ears. Suitable only for light trimming and touch ups. Ergonomically designed for comfortable grip. Blades can be replaced and resharpened. 

Liveryman Flare trimmer comes in a Box with two attachable plastic combs offering 4 x cutting lengths and charging unit.

Liveryman Nova Trimmer: A Powerful Trimmer for every budget with a 6 hour running time, adjustable blade, ergonomic shape, quiet low vibration, agile and easy to use

The Liveryman Nova has been designed to be easy to use. It’s shape and weight make it easy to manoeuvre with the adjustable cutting height it is the perfect trimmer for tiding, achieving straight lines and general show prep.  

Matching clipper blades are available for these trimmers and clipper blade sharpening.

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Posted by Townfields
2nd June 2022

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