Corral Electric Fencing

New range at Townfields Corral Electric Fencing...

For a more affordable option Corral Electric Fencing could be ideal to divide a paddock, rest some ground or simply section off a greedy pony to a more limited area. Great prices and super easy to use.

Corral offers a comprehensive range of Electric fencing, energisers, fence kits and posts, fence tape and batteries.

Dry batteries in three sizes will keep a constantly high voltage during their entire battery life, allowing the fencer to provide the fence line with a constant amount of energy. Free of mercury and cadmium.

Fence tapes start from the Basic line offering very durable and well tried stainless steel conductors. Excellent price/performance ratio for short fence lines. In all different lengths you will be able to create your area once the distance is gauged.

Polywires in varying lengths and fence tapes in different mm widths, the range offers something suitable for all equestrian paddocks.

Fence posts available in four different heights and a pack size of 5 make an easy purchase to get started.

Gate handles with hook and tension limiters to prevent over-stretched springs in bright colours at a cheap and cheerful price or the fenceline tester needing no batteries and gives the precise measurement of fence voltage.

Always clear away the vegetation from the wire or tape to improve effacacy.

Warning signs to clearly mark the line, insulators, connectors and adaptors if you browse the range you will see what you need to make an effective area to contain your horse.

Browse Corral Electric fencing here or call for more information.

Electric fencing range


Posted by Townfields
14th June 2022

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