Arma SubZero Ice Cold Therapy

Arma Sub Zero a new addition ....


SubZero Horse Boots


Arma Subzero the latest therapy horseboots from the Arma range applies Cryotherapy ice cold therapy to reduce blood flow to the treated area to help speed up recovery. Ideal for after exercise especially on hard ground the Arma Sub Zero boots help to limit acute injury.


Key Features:

  • 32 gel cushions per boot
  • Full Coverage
  • Use on front or hind legs
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used as part of your daily routine
  • Quick close elastic straps
  • Set of 2



Use remedially as part of daily routine after strenuous exercise. Helps to reduce daily wear and tear to prevent future injury.

Limits Acute Injury

Reduces inflammatory response and limits inflammation reducing extent of an injury into the surrounding tissue

Pain Reduction

Analgesic benefit for moderate to severe injury and anti-inflammatory. Use immediately after injury while waiting for veterinary support.

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Posted by Townfields
9th June 2023

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