Micklem Bridles just what are the Benefits ?

Designed by William Micklem to fit the shape of the

 horse's skull.

The most comfortable, flexible and effective bridle ever invented !

 "The Rambo Micklem Bridle is a change for the better"

The Micklem bridle is designed from the inside out, from the shape of the skull itself, in order to avoid pressure on the five areas which consistently cause discomfort with traditional headwear.

  • A widened and padded headpiece gives no discomfort on the poll.
  • When looking at the skull of any horse the top jaw is considerably wider than the lower jaw and therefore protrudes, this means that tight or cranked up nosebands and traditional lunge cavessons can cause discomfort and damage to the sensitive tissue inside the mouth. The drop noseband shape and unique diagonal side pieces avoid any protruding molars and without any inward pressure.
  • Tight flash nosebands and lunge cavessons can put pressure on the main motor and sensory nerves that exit to the outside of the skull at the point just underneath the normal position of the caveson noseband. Apart from the discomfort this causes the horse, it can also numb the nose and lips and is often the reason horses rub their heads on a foreleg after work. Continual pressure in this area can cause damage. This is why the positioning and fitting of the Micklem bridle completely avoids the exit point of the facial nerves and any inward pressure in this area.
  • When looking at the skull it is easy to see how delicate and fragile the bones are at the end of the nose. The front noseband of the Micklem sits higher than a normal drop noseband.
  • When looking where the tongue and bit have to fit, at the narrow lower jaw, and the bars of the mouth which are shaped like a knife, so many horses understandably object to strong pressure on the ton
  • gue and bars. The Micklem bridle has a tongue protection system that takes any pressure on the nose and bitless bridle options that are very effetcive and wonderfully comfortable.

William Micklem is an international coach, best selling author and renowned speaker based in Ireland. He is a regular presenter at international equestrian conferences, as well as breeding horses including Zara Phillips' High Kingdom and many others too. He is also a fellow of the British Horse Society.

For the last couple of years now Micklem Bridles have been a hugely popular  part of our saddlery range at Townfields.


30th October 2015

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