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Neue Schule Bits - Inspired Designs for Enlightened Riders

The Neue Schule Collection is an exciting and innovative range of bits that are ergonomically designed and produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and techniques.

The collection offers a range of mouthpieces in a variety of thicknesses that are suitable for every discipline at all levels.

Neue Schule has developed a unique material; Salox® Gold. This specialised material is used in the mouthpieces for all Neue Schule bits. Neue Schule Salox® Gold is a warmer metal that heats up within seconds of being placed into the horse's mouth. The benefit of this is that the comfort and acceptance of the bit is accelerated. The horse is therefore able to quickly start to focus on the action of the bit, rather than the presence of it.

The company was started by Heather Hyde in 2000 having successfully introduced the first Bit Bank to the UK market. This experience highlighted that there was considerable demand for appropriate horse and rider comfort and performance centred bits designed by riders themselves and Heather began the process of designing the Neue Schule Collection.

Today, these bits are produced by state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques using proprietary materials. Heather and her team provide extensive bitting advice and tips.

Please visit the web site for bitting information and training videos.

Here at Townfields we stock a few of Neue Schule popular bits but we can always help with an enquiry for a different size or type.

Take a look at our range and see what you think !!



10th June 2014

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