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Look a Champion for Horse of the Year Show !!

Some helpful tips to Apply the perfect makeup witth Supreme products. 

What you will need: 

-Supreme Products Matt Black or Eye Gloss Make up.

-Sponge or soft cloth 

-Supreme Products Highlighter Gloss

- Supreme Products Glistening Oil

Step 1

Using a soft cloth or sponge apply make up around the eye and muzzle area. (Note - for darker or denser coverge use Matt Black Make up, for lighter coverage and to add shine use Eye Gloss make up.)

Step 2

Blend the make up to the contours of the face, over the brows etc. (Note - do not apply makeup in circles aroung the eyes, this does not look natural and produces 'Panda Eyes')

Step 3 

Use Supreme Products Highlighter Gloss over the top of the make up to produce a glisteny finish smoothing it over the top of the make up without rubbing it in. 

Step 4 

Use Supreme Products Glistening Oil on the face and over the muzzle to complete the picture. 

Top Tips

1) Supreme Products Highlighter Gloss and Glistening oil contain UV filters to help prevent sunburn. Avoid using baby oil on your horses skin as this can result in burning of the skin. 

2) When applying make up, remeber the adage 'less is more' - Make up should be used to enhance, not change the appearance

3)To cover up scars and stray coloured hairs use supreme products Make up. Available in 5 different colours, which can be mixed to desired shade.

4) Always check your breed rules for make up use in the show ring.


To find our more about the Supreme Product range visit their website

10th June 2015

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