Townfields Leatherwork the best you can get !!

Townfields Leatherwork is made from best quality J & E Sedgwick English full grained leather for strength and suppleness.

Supporting British manufacture, made in Walsall using high quality fittings. Townfields Leatherwork is a popular choice for riders all over the world.

Superb quality leatherwork is a necessity for riders and importantly comfortable for the horse.

Our bridles come in a range of designs from traditional flat noseband Hunter styles to our top of the range Comfort Plus Snaffle with an innovative detachable nosepiece. Our Comfort Weymouth is leatherwork at its best, popular with Dressage riders, softly padded and designed to alleviate any pressure from the ears and poll area. The Townfields Flash Nose and Padded Snaffle are the mainstay of most yards. Or simply choose a heads and cheeks and add a noseband of your choice. Our New Comfort headstall has a soft padded cutaway head with the option to take the noseband through and over the top.

The Townfields Deluxe Drop noseband has a luxurious padded front and a padded back cushion for that extra comfort under the chin. Flash, Drop, Grackle, Lever or Crank there is a lot to look at ! Take into consideration what effect is needed.

Townfields reins are either a full size 54" length or a pony length of 48". Different widths and feelings, it is important to make the right decision. Dressage reins or Eventer reins, rubber, web or the more traditional plaited and laced, you can be assured of good quality.

Popular this year the Townfields Neck Strap used by international eventers or regular riders giving you that something just to grab hold of if needed. Juniors too with their first pony can benefit from a neck strap or a martingale.

Townfields stirrup leathers range from Best quality, Oakbark, Buffalo and Children's lengths. Don't be confused about the widths normally a lady would take 1" width, with the gentleman taking the slightly wider 1 1/8" one. Length is also important as nobody likes excess, our ladies length is 54" with the men's 57". Think about your discipline and tucking back into the saddle keeper, they do need to be right. We have small children's first leathers from 36" long and a neat 5/8" width. Please ask for assistance in our showroom or tradestand and we can help you.

Townfields martingales and breastplates all assist with balance and movement and come in a range of styles.

For schooling and lungeing our Townfields Side Reins come with an elastic insert and our donut side reins incorporate the flexible ring insert.

Any accidental breakages you have, we can normally find the odd pieces you need whether just a pair of cheek pieces or a headpiece alone, please call us with the size and width.

Take a look at our range and sample Townfields quality !!

6th August 2016

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