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Keeping you safe in the saddle

When comparing body protectors online or in store, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose, as many styles look and feel similar and it's not until you try one on that the differences between the brands really become noticeable.

The leading brand for equestrian body protectors is Airowear. All their design time, focus and energy goes into creating and developing safety products which not only offer the highest level of safety, but also provide a tailored fit, gender and discipline-specific sizes and the latest technology to continually improve comfort and flexibility for the rider.

So let's meet the brand...

Airowear has been making body protectors since 1985 and are the body protector specialist brand owned by Charles Owen & Co (Bow) Ltd.

The Airowear philosophy is to ensure any rider of any shape or size can fit into a body protector, for whichever discipline they serve. With over 160 off-the-shelf sizes available across different designs, there will always be a size and style available to keep you safe in the saddle for your chosen discipline.

Airowear is renowned for their investment in technology and are continually researching and developing the latest improvements to incorporate into their products. Their UltraFlex Technology is famous for being so flexible that you don't need to rely on body heat for it to soften and mould to your body. Their scientific sizes take into account the real body shapes of juniors, teens, men and women and each style incorporates unique tailoring to keep you looking smart yet safe in the saddle.

So...Which product is right for me?

The answer to this primarily depends on your body shape and size. All Airowear body protectors conform to the highest level of safety (BETA 2009 Level 3) because we believe that regardless of your riding activity, you should be kept safe in the saddle.

The purpose of Airowear body protectors is to reduce the severity of injury caused from a fall or kick and to offer you some protection against injury to your rib cage, internal organs, soft tissue and spine.

To ensure the body protector you are wearing complies with the highest level of safety, look out for the purple BETA 2009 or BETA 2000 label. This will be stitched to the outer cover and is your assurance that the body protector you are wearing complies to the highest level; Level 3.

Apart from realising that women would rather not wear men's breeches and vice versa, quite simply, your body shape changes as you grow older and our gender-specific body protectors reflect this. For this reason, Airowear have different styles of body protector to fit children, teenagers, men & women and is the only brand to recognise this. Below is our quick guide to the most suitable body protector for you:

Child (3 - 12yrs) - The Junior Outlyne, a zipped style, offers more room for growth and is easy to fasten without any help.

Teenager (12yrs +) - We would recommend the Teen Outlyne. The teen body shape is typically long and slim and this body protector provides different fitting options to fit the teen body shape and will also provide the teenage rider with plenty of room to grow!

Women - The Airowear Women's Outlyne is available in dress sizes 10 - 20 in 4 back lengths per size, so this is definitely the best option to fit the majority of female riders..

Men - The Men's Outlyne body protector has 7 sizes, with 4 back lengths per size.

Take a look at our range of Airowear body protectors online . . . .


30th June 2014

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