Choose Townfields for Winter Rugs this Season !!

Winter Turnout and Stable rugs from Standard necks to Combo versions in all weights and sizes.

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Using a turnout rug will help protect your horse from harsh weather conditions such as the cold, rain, wind and snow keeping them warm and dry. There are various levels of protection and warmth available in a turnout rug and you should consider you own horses living and grazing conditions, your clipping routine, weight, age and exercise level before purchasing a rug.

Horses that are clipped and living indoors will benefit from a stable rug that will provide warmth to a horse that is unable to move around freely to generate their own body heat during colder months. Lighter weight stable rugs can also be used to help keep horses clean that mainly live inside all year round.

Fleeces or under rugs can be used to layer with or a fleece or cooler can make an ideal travelling rug.

For the latest innovative ideas on finding the perfect rug for your horse check out this may help you make your selection.

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24th August 2015

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