Lever or combination nosebands: What are they and how do they work?

How does a lever/combination noseband work ? 

The lever or combination noseband has a half-moon piece of metal that goes on each side of the horse’s face. A piece of leather attaches to the top end of the metal curve (near the horse’s cheek bone), which runs under the jaw and attaches to the other side of the face. In the middle of the metal curve, a piece of leather runs over the top of the nose, acting as the main noseband, but it sits slightly lower than a standard cavesson — somewhere between a cavesson and a drop noseband. A third piece of leather runs from the bottom of the metal curve under the chin groove of the horse.

This noseband is similar in design to the grackle, and works by preventing the horse from crossing his jaw, which gives the rider more control. The slightly lower position of the noseband, when compared to a cavesson, acts in a similar way to a drop noseband, placing pressure on the nose and chin groove, but without restricting the horse’s breathing.

The lever/combination noseband is ideal for sensitive-mouthed horses who are very strong, but wouldn’t go well in a stronger bit. It is also good for horses who tend to lean or pull down and forwards.


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22nd February 2016

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