Great Customer feedback on Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose Fly Rug !!

 The Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose Fly Rug is excellent value at £88.50 with a range of sizes available. This rug has a dual effectiveness to combat the flies, the Vamoose technology helps to do this as it is used to repel the flies.

The knitted Polyester fabric is soft, yet strong and absorbent. As the rug is silver, this reflects the sunlight which adds to the quality of this great fly rug. It includes a large tail flap, leg arches and extra depth, allowing the rug to be wrapped around the horses belly for extra protection. This rug has no fill and is compatible with waterproof fly rug liner.

There shouldn't be any worries about the mane rubbing out, as the rug includes a mane and shoulder lining. Also, the neck cover is removable, so if you didn't want the neck to be covered, it can easily be taken off.

Many of our customer's horses struggle with the flies, and on our recommendation have purchased this rug. The feedback on this rug has been very, very positive. We have been told by some customers that this is the only fly rug which has worked for them, which shows how the added qualities of a deeper rug and vamoose technology works. This seems to be a must buy !!   

Some more tips from customers to help deal with the flies ...

Feeding your horse garlic. Garlic is a natural fly repellent, as when the horse sweats it gives out an odour which repels flies.

Fly Spray !! Sometimes it can take a while to find the right fly spray for your horse, but the most popular fly spray based on sales is "Power Phaser". It works against horse flies, ticks, biting flies and non-biting flies. It has been found it was very long lasting. Customers who use this product in the morning  say they can still smell it on their horses when I go to them in the evening and that using  Power Phaser has helped their horses deal with these pests.

Choosing the right fly mask for size, fit and comfort or even a fringe. 

Flies love dirt.  So a good starting point for fly prevention is to ensure that your horse is clean and your tack is too. 

If possible plan your rides for times of day when the flies are less active. Most are active during the day while mosquitoes tend to come out at dusk.  Aim to ride in the early morning or late evening when it is much cooler and there are less flies around. Not always possible but a guide. 

Why not share some of your tips with us too for everyone to use this Summer !!




13th May 2017

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