Schockemohle Stanford Anatomic Bridle proves to be popular !!

The Schockemohle Stanford Anatomic bridle proves popular for the discerning rider looking for quality and that extra comfort for the horse.

This new bridle is made from quality leather, with the added padding to further your horses comfort when being ridden. It is available now in Black in the sizes Cob and Full with an X/Full size due later in the year. The uniquley developed headpiece is broad and soft, spreading the pressure more evenly on the horses poll, whilst also minimizing the pressure on your horses neck. The broad headpiece allows more space for your horses ears to move, creating the ultimate comfort bridle. 

The anatomic noseband is shaped to fit your horses head properly, the noseband is designed to gradually get thinner towards the cheekbones to evade any pinching, with the crank noseband having a soft back pad giving your horse the maximum comfort. This bridle has two browbands included in the price, a plain leather browband and a crystal browband! The throatlash is also adjustable on both sides of the bridle, giving more versatility when fitting your horse with this bridle. The sleek look this bridle gives means you can use it for everyday work as well as competitions, this bridle is very eye catching! Schockemohle reins can be added to this bridle to compliment the durasoft dressage reins have that extra grip with the rubber being placed on the inside.

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8th July 2017

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