Choose Griffin Nuumed for the best of British Manufacturing !!

The Griffin Nuumed numnah range is always popular at Townfields Saddlers. We take great pride in being a stockist of such a quality British made product

The company was started by a fabulous man called Ian Pocock who, having ridden all his life, realised an ambition to create a saddlepad that:

  • fitted saddles properly
  • was comfortable for the horse
  • looked good and kept on looking good for a long time
  • was easy to look after ie. it could be washed day in, day out if necessary

so he made a NuuMed HiWither saddlepad that fitted all these criteria and then another.......and in his lifetime he created over 40 different designs. The standards he set in design, product make up, material choice and customer care are some of the best you can find. Every NuuMed numnah, saddlepad or accessory you purchase will have been made by a highly skilled teams of cutters, machinist and finishers.

Our range at Townfields includes both Griffin NuuMed Numnahs and Saddlecloths in different colours and sizes. Griffin Nuumed also design their products in different cuts, therefore accomodating all disciplines and saddle styles from Dressage to Close Contact, Working Hunter and General Purpose. We offer Griffin NuuMed bestselling items, our newest addition being the SP11CC Hi-Wither Close Contact Saddle Pad. The NM11 GP Everyday numnah is always a top seller with the same version in a saddlepad the SP11 in dressage or GP cuts. Working Hunter customers love the very tradtiional NM12 WH in a dark brown colour which fits neatly under a straight cut saddle. If something more luxurious is required look no further than the wool NMO3 GP, a great fitting numnah using all of the benefits from wool, without effecting the saddle fit. the wool on this numnah is knitted onto a cotton yarn giving you all the wool you need with no skin attached. Wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture allowing you to keep your horse dry and comfortable. In addition, the natural fibres of the wool are less likely to cause skin reactions or allergies. 

Most of their products also have the Hi wither feature which is ideal even for horses without this conformation as it prevents the Numnah/Saddlecloth pulling tight across the area and creating unnecescary pressure.The sizing of Griffin products is also slightly different, as  it is based on the size of your saddle. Again this is another added benefit as you are able to achieve a  fit just perfect to keep your horse comfy and your look spot on.

The Griffin NuuMed Numnahs and Saddlecloths are made to last not just for one season but year after year, this is something they do easily as they are so well made from Natural materials and are designed to be easily looked after. The Griffin NuuWash is recommended to keep the products up to top standards.

So if you are a competiton rider or just a happy hacker the Griffin Nuumed range will certainly have something for you!


25th July 2017

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