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We have a wide range of clippers in stock here at Townfields Saddlers, suiting a variety of people's needs. Whether it's clipping a few times a year or everyday due to your profession, we have clippers and trimmers to suit you! 

The clippers we offer are Wolseley clippers and Lister clippers, the two leading brands of clippers, both known for their reliability and strength. The variety of models have different properties which helps you choose which one you will need, for example, some clippers have bigger motors than others or some are lighter in weight or cordless, if you require help just call our showroom or email and we can make a recommendation for you.


  • The Lister Tempo Trimmer is an easy, rechargeable cordless small trimmer, ideal to finish areas hard to reach or that are sensitive or maybe tidy up pre show ... £68.50!!
  • Lister Libretto Max... This versatile trimmer offers three options to give you freedom to compliment your trimming demands. It is lightweight and compact which will aid in trimming in the hardest places.
  • Lister Star clipper is a powerful, fast clipper with a 45W motor. It is ventilated to stop the clipper overheating and has replacable air filters. This clipper runs from the mains electric, but don't worry if you can't do this at your yard.. Some of Lister's clippers are cordless!
  • Lister Legend  with a powerful 150W motor for fast, professional clipping.
  • Liberty !! This comes in 3 different packs, each have different products, eg- the Lister Deluxe pack has the clipper and trimmer included ! The Lister Liberty allows you to clip from a powered battery which lasts up to 2.5 hours. Having no cord means the horse or yourself won't trip over it, making the clipping experience a whole lot easier! This sturdy clipper is a must buy and very popular with Equestrian yards! 
  • Visit our website or our showroom to see the full range of Lister products, including the clipper blades and oil. All Lister clippers are sold with a plastic carry case and the first set of blades are provided!


  • Wolseley's Hummingbird trimmer is a bargain at £28.50 !! It is a re-chargeable trimmer making it ideal for those hard to get spots, such as ears and whiskers. It comes with a case, blades, oil, 2 comb attatchments and the charger. 
  • The Wolseley Lark  is a very lightweight clipper and adding to this, the slim handpiece makes gripping it easier! The 90W motor is one of the quietest! It is a brilliant starter clipper but still capable to provide for more experienced equine clippers. 
  • Wolseley Swift... This clipper is a great general purpose clipper, it leaves a fine finished clip due to the ergonomic shaped head allowing you to clip precisely. Lightweight and easy, yet powerful enough for you to use regularly. 
  • The Kite!! Heavy duty clipper with a powerful 200W motor, as well as a permanent magnet motor which makes it equivalent to 400W!! This gives you more power for tougher clipping jobs. However, it still has low vibration and noise for the size of the motor. If your profession is clipping, this is the one for you.
  • The Wolseley clippers also come in a carry case with a set of blades. We sell the correct clipper oil so visit our site for all of your clipping needs!
2nd August 2017

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