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Townfields Saddlers simply has the best choice of reins...

Buy your reins from Townfields Saddlers today ! We offer a variety of different styles of reins, ranging from your traditional rubber reins or plaited reins to the more modern bio grip rein ! Over time, reins wear away and become thinner so why not pop into our showroom or take a peek on the website to see the reins we offer. Our leatherwork is made in Walsall by a trusted supplier using only the best English leather making them superior quality.

  • Eventa - Our eventa reins come in Black or Havana, available in Full length, 54”. A good grip whilst staying smooth and with plenty of flexibility. They are thicker than our bio reins, which is popular with eventers as they remain firm even when the horse becomes sweaty.
  • Bio Reins - These reins are extremely popular as they have the ultimate flexibility, as well as being soft and comfortable for the rider. They have a raised bobble right along the rein, but are softer than the traditional rubber rein you might be used to. Why not give these a go! Available in Black or Havana, full length and pony length.
  • Rubber Reins- The traditional rubber rein is great for grip and hold, therefore is an ideal product for many equestrian riders, especially beginners. These reins are durable, you will be getting a great quality rein if you purchase these! Available in widths from ½” to 3/4” in Black, Havana and Black on Havana.
  • Plain Reins - Our best quality plain leather reins are simple yet smart and can compliment any bridle. Available in different widths and lengths, visit our website for more information on reins.
  • Dressage Reins - These reins are leather on top and rubber on the lower side, making the rubber discreet for dressage whilst giving grip to help you hold the reins. These reins are smart yet give a good hold, great for the showing arenas!
  • Our laced reins are popular as they have detail to them, with strips of leather laced through the rein to give a traditional look. Similarly, our plaited reins are a traditional rein, especially popular with showing riders
  • Web reins- Our best quality web reins have continental web and leather finger grips sewn on at different intervals to help with the hold of the rein. The notches can also aid the rider by giving a set place to hold, perfect for beginners.
  • Along with our own leatherwork to match the reins we stock, we also stock a range of Schockemohle reins! Check out the Durasoft Dressage Reins, a luxurious leather with softly raised parts, leather sewn rein stops and a rubber pimple inner, again very popular at the moment !

Pop in to have a look or visit us online on our website!


9th August 2017

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