Pro Lite Tri Pad or Multi Riser Adjustable pad??

Pro Lite Tri Pad or Multi Riser Adjustable Pad... Which one is best suited for you and your horse?

Two of our Pro Lite best sellers here at Townfields are the Tri Pad and Multi Riser pad, they are both brilliant products to help adjust the fit of your saddle. 

  • The Multi Riser- This riser pad is a popular product as it has removable shims in the front and back, meaning you can quickly adjust the depth of the pad at the front and back to help achieve the perfect balance for your saddle.
  • It is a useful pad to have if you are experiencing any problems with a saddle fit. It is ideal for a busy yard as the quick changing pads allow you to alter it for different saddles in a short amount of time! As well, it is practical to have a Pro Lite Multi Riser if you have a young horse who is developing or changing shape, as you can change the depth and width of the pad to what your saddle needs to make your horse comfortable. 
  • It can also be used without any inserts as a standard relief pad! If you want to give a bit more support to your saddle and horses back then this can be used. It is commonly known as "The saddle fitter's friend".


  • The Tri Pad- This pad is similar to the Multi Riser but is based on a thinner, wide pad to minimise the bulk of the pad altogether. So if you are in need of a balancer for your saddle but want it to be tidy and neat, this is the one for you! 
  • Provides quick and easy front and rear adjustment when you are trying to balance your saddle. Three pockets with removable pads provides many solutions when balancing or supporting your saddle. There is a solution for you here! 
  • Brilliant for saddle fitters as it can help balance the saddle on a horse, the easy removable pads allow quick remedies.
  • Both pads are priced at £62.50.

 Check out our website for the full Pro Lite range, and why not have a look at the 5 star reviews left about these products... These pads could save your horse a lot of discomfort!! 


11th August 2017

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