Choose a Winning WeatherBeeta Rug this Autumn!!

Townfields  have selected WeatherBeeta rugs for years, we know they are one of the best brands for choice, quality and value. We offer a wide range of WeatherBeeta rugs in both Turnout and Stable options, there is something for every budget.

WeatherBeeta have recently redesigned the entire rug range with fit and comfort in mind. The new ComFiTec range is split in to 4 segments to ensure you can find the perfect mix of comfort, fit and durability for your horse.

The 4 ComFiTec segments are the Ultra, Premier, Plus and ComFiTec. Below we have listed the features of each so its easier to see which range best suits your horse and you.

  • ComFiTec Ultra the ultimate in comfort, fit and durability. The finest protection WeatherBeeta have ever made.

1680 denier outer, Waterproof and Breathable, Quick Clip Front Closure, WeatherBeeta Cozi Guard, Belly Wrap with Adjustable Straps, Elasticated Adjustable/Removable Leg Straps, Removable and Waterproof Snug Fit Hood, Memory Foam Wither Relief Pad, Freedom System Gusset, Reflective Strips/Gusset and Large Wrap Tail Flap

  • ComFiTec Premier created for superior comfort and fit.

1200 denier outer, Waterproof and Breathable, Ezi-Clip Front Closure/Full Embtrace Wrap, Freedom System Gusset/Traditional Gusset, Memory Foam Wither Relief Pad, Elasticated Adjustable/Removable Leg Straps Reflective Strips/Gusset and Large Tail Flap.

  • ComFiTec Plus comfortable, durable and remarkable value.

1200 denier outer, Waterproof and Breathable, Ezi-Clip Front Closure, Elasticated Adjustable/Removable Leg Straps, Memory Foam Wither Relief Pad, Traditional Gullet, Large Tail Flap and Reflective Strips.

  • ComFiTec WeatherBeeta quality and incredible value.

1200 denier outer, Waterproof and Breathable, Adjustable Twin Buckle Chest Straps, Adjustable/Removable Leg Straps, Fleece on Wither, Traditional Gusset and Standard Tail Flap.


So with Medium/Light, Medium and Heavy Weight Turnout and Stable Rugs which include Full Necks and Standard Necks we are confident we can provide just the rug for your horse and you this Autumn.

Take a look at our range of the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec rugs

16th August 2017

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