Charles Owen 4 Star Skull Cap a great eventing choice !!

Charles Owen 4 star Skull... Perfect for eventing!!

Charles Owen are a dedicated company who have their customers safety in their best interests. Their hard work has been developing over years since they were first involved with the safety standards of hats since 1953. They have worked with various organisations to understand and improve the safety of hats which shows their willingness to help. Townfields work closely with Charles Owen representatives to make sure the staff here are professionally trained to fit hats and help with any decisions about which hat is best for your discipline.

  • The 4 Star Skull Cap is designed for the extreme situation... which is why it is a great choice for eventing!
  • It is a technically superior hat which has a deep fitting, and was produced after years of research and advanced computer analysis giving you the highest standard!
  • There is a quick release buckle which adds to the safety of the hat  made from a high strength alloy which fastens the GRpx leather harness, with the lace harness at the back for added support and comfort.
  • Available are a range of hat silks in different colours which match the airvent system with a mesh upper to allow airflow. Match your hat silk to your cross country colours!
  • The inside of the hat features the Charles Owen "Free Fit" system which helps increase the airflow across your forehead. This is great for those hot days!!
  • The Free Fit system is a frontal air channel, allownig air to pass through to keep your head cool with a Coolmax mesh across to filter the air properly.
  • The Charles Owen 4 star has an added standard as well as the Kitemarked to PAS015:2011, kitemarked and CE marked to VG1 01.040 2014-12, certified by SEI to ASTM F1163... SNELL standard E2001.
  • The SNELL standard attracts customers to this product as it has the  added safety SNELL standard an additional standard that motorcyclists have to have in their helmets.
  • It could be the perfect hat for you... If you are out eventing, racing or even a happy hacker, with added protection and a deep fitting this hat could put your mind at ease knowing you would be well protected.

Available in a variety of sizes and two colours, Black and Silver. We only stock Black but are able to order in the Silver from Charles Owen directly. Visit our website for more information on skull caps and visit us for a professional fitting!

23rd August 2017

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