NEW!! Drop a hint button on our website...

NEW to the Townfields website is the "drop a hint" button... Try it and see!

  • As the autumn approaches some people are thinking about Christmas ideas, or even birthday ideas which is where the drop a hint button comes into action. Are you wondering what to buy friends or family? Ask them to take a look at the new drop a hint feature on our website. From country boots to headcollars, we have a huge variety here at Townfields! You could even add a pair of warm, fluffy boot liners to the present as a surprise!
  • If you find that special something that you really want for your birthday or Christmas present, this could be just the way to do it! When viewing a product on our website, you will now be able to see the "drop a hint" button, allowing you to drop a hint to your family or friends about the present you want, this way there won't be any unwanted gifts lying around!
  • It is so quick and easy to use making the shopping experience relaxing, the button is by the "add to basket" button. You simply give your name and email, then the person's name and email you are sending the hint to. They will then recieve an email themselves telling them about the hint you have just left.
  • Great for those who aren't too sure what to buy people, ask them to take a look and choose a few different things they like, this way the present can still be a surprise! Also a brilliant way to be prepared for Christmas and birthdays, no last minute rushing!
  • Take a look on our website and why not have a go at dropping a hint to someone?! Happy shopping!


13th September 2017

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