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Choose from a wide range of rugs here at Townfields ...!

 Winter turnout rugs - what we have in store and online for you...

  • SAXON...
  • We stock a variety of different rugs to cater for different needs whether it's price, fit or colour!
  • The Saxon turnout range start at an extremely affordable price of £46.95 for a medium weight with the lovely colours grey and turqoise.
  • Saxon heavyweight is again a great price for a winter turnout rug! Visit our website to take a peek at the Saxon range.
  • All Saxon rugs have the twin surcingle front closure, cross surcingles underneath and a tail cord.


  • ComFiTec Classic- The most basic WeatherBeeta rug yet still great quality. Available in lightweight no fill, combo and standard neck.
  • ComFiTec Essential- The next step up, with a durable 1200D outer, Boa fleece at the withers and adjustable and removable leg straps, great prices..!!
  • ComFiTec Plus Dynamic- Comfortable, durable and remarkable value! Triple weave outer shell to prevent ripping, Ezi clip front closure for fast and easy use and a memory foam wither relief pad that shapes to your horses contour lifting the rug off the withers.
  • ComFiTec Premier Thinsulate- Thinsulate and Thermi-heat technology for original warmth without all the bulk! Thermi-heat lining utilises thermal reflection to help maintain warmth, whilst allowing excess moisture to escape keeping your horse comfortable in cold weather. This really is a winner!


  • Amigo- Hero 6... Waterproof and Breathable, 50g lining. Great for mild Autumn wet weather.
  • Amigo- Super Hero 12 Plus- Meidum weight turnout, detachable hood, cross surcingles and reflective strips!
  • Rhino Plus- Barrier technology with a 1000D outer shell protecting the waterproof and breathable barrier underneath. Surefit design with a V Front closure to give freedom of movemnt to graze, leg arches, reflective strips, liner loops, cross surcingles and a shine enhancing polyester lining. Thermobonded fibrefill for superior and long lasting heat retention.


  • We have stable rugs from Weatherbeeta and Hroseware available here at Townfields online and in store, ranging from 110g- (Medium lite) to 360g- (Heavyweight). See details here...
  • The variety is great, some light weight, medium and heavy. Standard necks, combo necks and detachable necks ! We've got it all..!


  • WeatherBeeta under rugs and Horseware liners compatible for Horseware rugs with the liner loops in the three weights can add a touch of weight to your rugs too.

Choose Townfields for Winter Rugs at great prices !!


15th October 2017

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