NEW !! Lister Allegra and Lister Adagio Trimmers...

NEW !! to Townfields... The Lister Allegra and Adagio trimmers are great, new, innovative trimmers with some very special qualities !!



Just some of the brilliant features this trimmer holds are...

  • Extremely quiet... great for those horses who are nervy around clippers!
  • Lightweight allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the clip, just 280gm!
  • Good grip to keep your hands steady with rubber nubs for that secure feel.
  • Versatility- Can be mains or battery operated... No need to worry if you don't have electricity!
  • Cutting Length 0.7mm
  • 75 minutes running time. Plenty of time to trim those feathers!
  • Practicality.. LED charging indicator included.
  • Chrome outer, diamond-ground stainless steel blade set for a close cut.
  • Blades are easily removable to help cleaning.
  • Supplied in an easy carry plastic case.
  • REMEMBER!! Clipper oil should be used before use and then every 10 minutes after that. Afterwards, remove the blades, clean them and oil them to keep them at their best quality.


Another great trimmer with innovative features!

  • Smart charging of a quick charge time of 150 minutes allowing 100 minutes running time!!
  • Powerful DC motor with automatic speed control.
  • Lightweight- 300gm! Allowing you to be precise with your trimming by staying comfortable.
  • Extremely quiet to help with nervous horses.
  • Consistent cutting performance relating to battery level and coat condition- Keep your horses clean, it will make clipping much easier and neater!
  • Cutting length adjustment of 0.7-3mm showing versatility and differentiation when clipping.
  • Easy to remove so you can clean your blades without hassle! Keeping your blades oiled and cleaned will help maintain their quality.
  • Supplied in an easy carry plastic case.
  • If you use the trimmer/clipper regularly then they should be serviced once a year for electrical safety. Blades should also be sharpened. After use, wipe your trimmers clean of hair and grease and clean the blades, wipe them dry and finally, oil them. Then store both items in a clean, dry and secure environment.

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1st February 2018

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