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Stubbs England have a great range of new products in stock at Townfields Saddlers... Quirky Christmas presents!!

Stubbs is a well known equestrian brand with the best of yard products with a rich heritage! With history dating back the the early 1800's, they have great experience in the field of manufacturing British made products at supreme quality. Stubbs feed buckets, water buckets, corner mangers, mounting blocks, feed scoops and hay racks are a mainstay of most equestrian yards.


  • Stubbs Swing stack and rack- This is fantastic for storing, drying and displaying up to 10 numnahs. It folds flat to a wall when not in use, therefore is easy to pack away. Heavy duty bars perfect for the tack room and for durability.


  • Stubbs net so easy- Filling nets will no longer be a problem!! Heavy enough for stability, but light enough to move to the bale... This product is very versatile! The heavy duty ring is mounted on strong tubular legs with rubber feet ensuring stability. Great for getting your haynets filled up quickly and hassle free!


  • Stubbs tie ring king- A perfect gift! An extremely classic tie ring with a real horse shoe mounting plate. This will look sophisticated on yards. Hot dip galvanised after manufacture for great quality!


  • Stubbs traditional wooden blanket rack- For the tackroom or showroom this is an elite product. Plain wooden bars supported on black braid for that traditional look. It rolls up tight for transit so can be easily moved from tackroom to lorry.


  • Stubbs hay roller- This can be used as a boredom breaker as it allows your horse to roll the product around in order to get the hay out. Also can be used as a slow feeder which is great for reducing intake if your horse is on a diet. It also stops hay blowing around in the field, keeping your fields look tidy!

Please double check delivery times on these items as some of them

are specialised and could take up to 10 days!

Order with plenty of time to avoid disappointment!

27th November 2017

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