Stubbs Retro Range

Reminiscent of the style and quality of centuries passed Stubbs Retro has found wide and popular appeal with its dark waxed, solid wood and very attractive black metalwork. From the finest yards to the local pony rider, the price tag is within everyone's reach, allowing all to enjoy this great range. Combining dark waxed solid wood with Black Stubbyfine coated metalwork, everyone can have pride in their yard. Massively popular with all levels of horse owners in countries around the world, the Stubbs Retro range is delighting riders on all continents. The solid style and construction are typical of Stubbs traditional quality. Complete you entire tack room in this imaginative style and enjoy you newly designed space. Browse Stubbs England Retro Range here at Townfields.

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Stubbs Retro Saddle HorseStubbs Retro Saddle Horse
Stubbs Retro Saddle Horse
S5077 Stubbs Retro Saddle Horse
Stubbs Retro Tack PegsStubbs Retro Tack Pegs
Stubbs Retro Tack Pegs
S2877 Stubbs Retro Tack Pegs

Stubbs Retro Dry ShelfStubbs Retro Dry Shelf
Stubbs Retro Dry Shelf
S8977 Stubbs Retro Dry Shelf Colour: Brown
Stubbs Retro Numnah RackStubbs Retro Numnah Rack
Stubbs Retro Numnah Rack
S9377 Stubbs Retro Numnah Rack Colour: Brown/Black

Stubbs Retro Bridle Rack
Stubbs Retro Bridle Rack
S2077 Stubbs Retro Bridle Rack