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Buckley Bits, a business based in Northampton have been supplying quality stainless steel horse bits, stirrup irons and horse essentials for many years. All the horse bits are carefully made and engineered to a high standard ready for you to take away and use! From the latest blue sweet iron bits to snaffles, eggbutts, full cheeks and pelhams, Buckley Bits offer a marvellous choice for you the horse owner. Always keeping fresh with current bitting trends browse Buckley Bits at Townfields for all the essentials you need. Snaffles, eggbutts, breaking bits, pelhams and weymouth bits to name a few ...

Just some of the popular quality stainless steel horse bits -

Loose Ring Lozenege Bit -

  • A kind, loose ring lozenge bit with a sweet shaped centre and not too chunky!
  • This bit is great for schooling a horse, without the nutcracker action.
  • It discourages the horse to lean on the bit, as the lozenge softens the contact.

Loose Ring Hollow Snaffle -

  • Another kind mouthed bit, hollow which is significantly lighter than a solid bit!
  • Loose ring can help if the horse leans on the bit
  • Nut cracker action

Eggbutt French Snaffle -

  • This french link eggbutt snaffle is made from stainless steel using the investment cast, lost wax method for the highest quality finish.
  • The french link snaffle is at the mild end of the bitting spectrum.
  • The centre plate in a french link eggbutt is shaped and lies flat on the horses tongue causing little  pressure when in the horses mouth!
  • The double jointed mouthpiece eases pressure on the bars of the horses mouth and prevents palate pressure, making the french link one of the best bits for novice horses and riders. 

Full Cheek Waterford Bit -

  • Chain type mouthpiece which has ball shaped links linked together which is completely movable in all directions.
  • The Waterford mouthpiece has proved one of the most popular bits for bitting problems like leaning, taking hold of the bit.
  • When the horse tries to lean or take hold of the bit, the waterford mouthpiece collapses, thus the horse has nothing rigid to take hold of.
  • Super for steering issues with the full cheek sides.

Hanging Cheek Mullen Bit -

  • The hanging cheek mullen mouth snaffle is similar to the top section of a pelham
  • Exerting a little poll pressure which can help reluctant horses to break at the poll and flex more readily.
  • The mullen mouth filet baucher has a curved mouthpiece with no nutcracker action, and can be an ideal bit to use in a dressage test for horses used to being ridden in a pelham!

Show Jump French Link 2 Ring Gag -

  • This bit can be used with one or two reins, but preferably two.
  • The first rein would be used on the snaffle ring, which will then just act as a hanging cheek bit, adding a bit of poll and lip pressure. 
  • If the second rein was attached to the ring below, pressure is increased and more leverage is produced. 
  • If only one rein is used, the pressure is applied constantly and there is no pressure release for the horse at all. 
  • Great for eventing, showjumping or during cross country on forward going types this bit produces a head raising action which can help raise the horses head quickly after a jump to be ready for the next! 

This is just a taster of some of the Buckley Bits we offer here at Townfields...

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Stirrup Irons-

Peacock Safety Stirrup Irons -

  • Quality stainless steel irons with a rubbber ring attached on the outer side, allowing the foot to be released easily and safely in the event of a fall. 
  • Add a rubber tread to the stirrup iron to ensure a good grip!
  • These irons are great for the junior rider, we supply childs sizes up to adult. 
  • Check your riding boot fits within nicely with room to move

Stainless Steel Stirrup Irons -

  • The traditional stirrup irons used by many riders all over the world. 
  • Plain yet smart! Add a black tread to keep the traditional look and add grip.
  • Stainless irons fall into place if you lose your stirrup iron unlike the lighter weight plastic type
  • Sold in various sizes, junior to adult.

Flexi Stirrup Irons -

  • The flexi side arms of this stirrup help the rider with their position and giving leg aids to the horse!.
  • It can make the iron feel less rigid than normal irons, being more comfortable on the human joints.
  • They are still the normal weight of a stainless steel iron. 
  • It is a forward back flexibility with these irons, with the fitted tread included in the price! 

We also stock more sitrrup irons....!!

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Riding Spurs -

Buckley Bits offer quality stainless steel ladies and gents spurs for all types of aid needed, whether you need a nudge or something stronger team these up with some leather spur straps and you're ready to go.

  • A - Childs Spur, 15mm neck 
  • B - Ladies Spur, 18mm neck 
  • C - Ladies Spur, 25mm neck
  • D - Ladies Dummy Spur
  • D - Men's Dummy Spur
  • E - Ladies Spur band, no neck 
  • E - Men's Spur band, no neck 
  • F - Men's Spur, 25mm neck
  • G - Rowled Spike Spur
  • H - Flat Rowl Spur

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A photo will appear of each spur, so you can choose which is best suited for you!

8th April 2019

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