Flexi Stirrup Irons

Buckley Bits Flexi Stirrup Irons

Product Description

Flexi Stirrup Irons are a bestselling stirrup iron at Townfields Saddlers. Features flexi side arms to help with the riding position and giving leg aids to the horse. The flexi iron can feel slightly less rigid than the normal stirrup iron making them more forgiving on the human joints. They are a normal weight so falling into position if a stirrup is lost is the same as other traditional non lightweight plastic options. They have a fitted tread into the stirrup and are popular with many riders. The flexibility in this stirrup iron is forwards to back, they do not offer a slight twist like Sprenger Irons.

What Size ??

Small child/toddler       -  3¾"


Child                              -  4"  to  4¼"


Average lady                -  4½" Sometimes a 4 3/4 is needed if sturdier footwear is used.


Gents                            -  4¾"  to  5 1/4"

Customer Reviews

Emoticon 5 "Bought to replace conventional stirrups after a tibial plateau fracture. They certainly make my return to riding easier."
Star Rating 4

Flexi Stirrup Irons

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