Lister Lithium the latest in Horse clippers ..

For fast charging and quiet, cool running take a look

at the NEW Lister Lithium Popular Clipper ...


Lister Liberty Lithium Popular Pack Cordless Clipper-

  • No air filers to clean, making it a very low maintnenance clipper! 
  • Choice of 3 power supplies, meaning it can be used at any location, whether you have a mains supply or not.
  • The clipper can charge from mains, the powerpack or a vehicle battery
  • Re-chargeable power pack with a wasit belt for comfort and security, keeping everything all at a hands reach! 
  • The new improved high-efficiency lithium battery with more power!  
  • A faster re-charge time of just 4 hours to give you the maximum clipping time.
  • The battery is fast charging and lasts up to 2.5 hours of continuous clipping, allowing you to clip at least one horse fully!
  • An overload switch to protect the motor from damage in the event of a jam 
  • Helpful LED display to indicate the level of charge 
  • Quiet and cool running, making a great clipper for the more nervous horse, as it has less vibrations than others! 


A few top tips -

  • Ensure you have clean blades to begin with and that they are sharp! We offer a sharpening service at Townfields, they get sent off on a Monday and usually take 7-10 days to arrive back in store. 
  • Make sure your horse is clean before clipping to remove dirt and excess grease to ensure the clipping process is problem free! 
  • Clip in a well - lit area so you can see what you are doing. 
  • You can also use a stick of chalk to outline the edges of your clip! This really helps to guide you through the process.
  • Tether your horse somewhere quiet
  • Oil your blades regularly throughout the clip!!! This is vital, as you do not want the blades to overheat and make the clipping uncomfortable
  • For your own benefit, wearing overalls keeps the horses clipped hair away from your skin and other clothing! It is very hard to get out of fleeces, so avoid wearing these. 
  • Watch the helpful Lister video a tab on all the Lister Lithium cliipers.


If you're after a new clipper, why not try the all new Lister Lithium! 

Available online and in store. 

7th October 2019

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